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Goodbye Tengaged!

4thAug 24, 2016 by Avatar20
I've lasted on this site a good 3 1/2 years, and I think that's good enough for me! I've started my senior year of high school & I'm getting busier by the moment with college applications/auditions and my own classwork as well as extracurricular activities. Also, helping my mom with her fall wedding and planning my AP European History class trip/vacation to Europe.

I'm happy to say that I experienced very loving moments on the site, and they will for sure be ones that I will definitely remember. The friends I made on here will definitely not soon be forgotten so thank you tengaged for that!

On the flip side, I'm very sad to see what certain things on this site has become. It's become more of a chore for me to log onto, and I thought that it shouldn't feel that way on a personal level. I do quite miss tengaged how it used to be, but sadly I can see this site coming to an end sooner or later [w/o mods and such].

Anywho, these are my final goodbyes, and I hope that each and every person that I've encountered and befriended has a full, successful, and meaningful life in the future!

#LiveLaughLove !

*I will be making final appearances on certain RPG - groups as well.

If you'd like to contact me, do so in the information below!;
Kik + Snapchat + Skype; nickashton413

*[tagging anyone who will be interested - sorry in advanced if youre not tagged!]
ps; tags aren't working apparently .. so yeah, oops.



Is this for attention? bc Ben aka Galaxies said the same thing but never left.
Sent by born2pizza,Aug 24, 2016
nope im gone .. should be after 1 of my groups finishes their next RPG episode born2pizza
Sent by Avatar20,Aug 24, 2016
bye :(
Sent by born2pizza,Aug 24, 2016
aww see ya :(
Sent by joshie1,Aug 24, 2016
awww take care of yourself
Sent by skyler1822,Aug 24, 2016
< 3
Sent by carlyjordan14,Aug 24, 2016

< 3
Sent by Stunzer,Aug 24, 2016
aw bye :(
Sent by BluJay112,Aug 24, 2016
awe, bye nick < 3
Sent by KingGeek,Aug 24, 2016
awe bye nick but u already told me this was coming add me back on snap boo boo
Sent by IceQueen2,Aug 24, 2016
bye bro, take care!
Sent by Piddu,Aug 24, 2016
Bye :(
Sent by Cromatique,Aug 24, 2016
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Aug 24, 2016
loves ya nikki
Sent by Survivorgame1,Aug 24, 2016
See ya nikki
Sent by Qazwdxedc,Aug 24, 2016
Also my final year of high school
Sent by Philip13,Aug 24, 2016
But I leave this site every 2 weeks lol
Sent by Philip13,Aug 24, 2016
Bye Nick! Wish you the best of luck :)
Sent by beccajo16,Aug 25, 2016
Nikki, you were one of the funniest people I met on this site. I wish you the best of luck
Sent by Rocketokid13,Aug 25, 2016
Aww bye!! Gonna miss u
Sent by Espontaneo,Aug 25, 2016
Awww bye Nikki!
Sent by blatastic1234,Aug 25, 2016
Good bye! Gonna miss you :(
Sent by Archerskyfire,Aug 25, 2016
Good luck with your Senior year!
Sent by teamjacz,Aug 25, 2016
Gift me
Sent by Emotion,Aug 25, 2016
Hehe jk sad to see you go have an awesome senior year
Sent by Emotion,Aug 25, 2016
Ok @ you not tagging me,

Girl bye
Sent by LockerAmi,Sep 25, 2016
I just saw this now. I love you, Nikki! :-)
Sent by haycsclair,Mar 15, 2017

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