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//102// Have You Ever

2ndFeb 29, 2012 by Akomes
Have you ever cried over a situation or a person on Tengaged?!

I have twice...over an eviction in Stars and over an arguement with Harley.


then why'd you blog it?
Sent by Utsumi,Feb 29, 2012
yeah. lolll like you said, not over a game.
Sent by peaccealexxa,Feb 29, 2012
ive cried over tengagers
Sent by ajg31397,Feb 29, 2012
yes (not over a game)
Sent by Jallina15,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by Criiko,Feb 29, 2012
*hands tissue*

It's going to be alright
Sent by laidback27,Feb 29, 2012
yes i have
Sent by realityfreek,Feb 29, 2012
Steevy, you mean the world to me...
Sent by BettyRubbble,Feb 29, 2012
LOL I get emotionally attached to some of the people on here (:
Sent by Prince_Charming,Feb 29, 2012
umm no
Sent by BBTDFanatic77,Feb 29, 2012
No lmao
Sent by BB5lover,Feb 29, 2012
yes (not over a game)
Sent by Jallina15,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by TheGoodMan,Feb 29, 2012
yes i have. several times actually :/
Sent by amf7410,Feb 29, 2012
I havent
Sent by yankees14456,Feb 29, 2012
Maybe ;)
Sent by Sweetheart95,Feb 29, 2012
LOL yes :|
Sent by connorthomson,Feb 29, 2012
I have. A few times. Only because of being personally attacked about things in my life.
Sent by amartin,Feb 29, 2012
i havent, i only cry over my shitty life then come on here to make myself happy by commenting on your blog < 333
Sent by brookecwelsh,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by bellajennaxo,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by o_Elle_o,Feb 29, 2012
oh yes!
Sent by amylou8251,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by ianfitz0012,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by Linds810,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by Manda17_xoxo,Feb 29, 2012
yes but not over a game
Sent by ladylizard,Feb 29, 2012
Can't say I have...
Sent by Insanity,Feb 29, 2012
uhm yes, but not over a game.
Sent by Phenomanimal,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by chelss,Feb 29, 2012
I aqlmost cried over losing a friendship with Gagaluv I think like 2 yrs ago
Sent by Kooldude1991,Feb 29, 2012
LOL fuck no
Sent by kimmal8,Feb 29, 2012
No ;O
Sent by _Aria,Feb 29, 2012
LOL , been depressed  & so many RUDEEE ass muthafuckerss on here
Sent by Dangg_Asiaa,Feb 29, 2012
No lmao that's dumb
Sent by ChipotleDude,Feb 29, 2012
I did cry after a giant ass falling out with Slizer107
Sent by Shadow541,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by nasmay1,Feb 29, 2012
yes, twice. Once over a skype game and once when Uskyld posted porn
Sent by tonym101101,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by Spinner554,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by Xbac5,Feb 29, 2012
why would you admit this !
Sent by Teddybear,Feb 29, 2012
Yes. It was awks. I was being attacked in a game by two users who will go unnamed due to my lack of respect for them.
Sent by Mitsuki,Feb 29, 2012
Uhm, yes, but it was because I person, and it really had nothing to do at all with Tengaged.
Sent by Clone,Feb 29, 2012
Never, lmao!
Sent by Malibu,Feb 29, 2012
This is seriously sad.
Sent by Aquamarine,Feb 29, 2012
Sent by BBlover96,Feb 29, 2012
yes someone was blaming me for things that happen and i was affraid i would loose a friend since he believed them and not me. so i cried.
Sent by superman11,Feb 29, 2012
yes. I've been attacked multiple times by people and made me cry
Sent by panda13,Feb 29, 2012
I've cried both times I got nominated and Stars and knew I was leaving. The one against Tori in 121 and the one against snoofle in 160. So yeah, Stars is emotional
Sent by TopChef,Mar 1, 2012
nope, i usually just freak the fuck out when backstabbed
Sent by Kpnna,Mar 1, 2012
I cried last summer in july when I was writing my goodbye blog LOL. My face got all red and stuff and then I had to go to work and everyone at my workplace was like "omg Etienne you have a huge sunburn on your face LOL!!11111 It looks so funny bro!!" I was like, umm yeah.. lol..
Sent by Etienne,Mar 1, 2012
This is funny, and pathetic.
Sent by doodyful,Mar 1, 2012
ive been kick down time again here....
Sent by Meowfie,Mar 1, 2012
Once I had a complete breakdown on skype because somebody said something that really hurt me. That is about all though :P
Sent by HelenCoops,Mar 1, 2012
fuck no
Sent by bigmike6192,Mar 1, 2012
ehh once, I was drunk tho :p
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Mar 1, 2012
I cried when I got banned. *wipes tears*
Sent by tinabeena,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by redsoxjc,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by oleary91,Mar 1, 2012
i cry when i see u on skype akomes
jk :P
Sent by Lamia,Mar 1, 2012
over somethin with some1 else because of what they were goin through...
Sent by BenjaminB,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by aquetejodo,Mar 1, 2012
actually, yes ...
Sent by hMzz,Mar 1, 2012
it's just a website..
Sent by HaiImJake,Mar 1, 2012
haiimjake but still true friendships can be created :)
Sent by Akomes,Mar 1, 2012
I cried when I was having big fights with tyleror :/
Sent by coreypanda,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by anthony2011class,Mar 1, 2012
aquamarine LMAO
Sent by blogs,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by Tevin1001,Mar 1, 2012
Uh no i don't think so.... i think once or twice there was a sad blog or something and i got like teary.... does that count? Lol
Sent by posiedonrox,Mar 1, 2012
I did when sexgod left
Sent by Lucinda,Mar 1, 2012
yeah, over a situation with someone, not because of a game or something stupid.
Sent by marrrss,Mar 1, 2012
"over an eviction in Stars"
-zooms in-
-zooms in even more-
-maximum zoom in-
Sent by WillyEx,Mar 1, 2012
willyex not because i got evicted. because i fought with someone i lvoe over that game :p
Sent by Akomes,Mar 1, 2012
once or twice...
Sent by smi9127,Mar 1, 2012
i have a couple times, but thats cuz at least 2 or 3 people on tengaged have actually become very close in real life :) but.. shit happens! lol, some people are more emotional than others, im def one of the emotionaly ones haha
Sent by xxJaym,Mar 1, 2012
yes i have a few times unfortch =[
Sent by Hunnyy,Mar 1, 2012
Over interrelated things, but NEVER over a game
Sent by Doolisha,Mar 1, 2012
a bunch of times, not of games, but of other things
Sent by andalarew_2231,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by ThatKoolKidOverThere,Mar 1, 2012
wow@ people saying yes... It's website
Sent by luckyluv,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by Vitamin,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by Soccer_man9,Mar 1, 2012
I cried when i ended up getting knocked out of the running for BSG6... but that was because i had a huge fight with a friend beforehand.
Sent by sandman43,Mar 1, 2012
lol yes :(
Sent by survivorfan12,Mar 1, 2012
ive cried during fights with coreypanda also..
Sent by tyleror,Mar 1, 2012
oh ive also cried talking to TheBookThief but that was more like my own personal stuff lol idk if it counts
Sent by tyleror,Mar 1, 2012
LOL. Never.
Sent by Jujubee,Mar 1, 2012
Yes just the other day cause I didn't get a perfect in guitar =[
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Mar 1, 2012
Sent by donaam,Mar 1, 2012
shadowballer000 i am syre you are kidding :|
Sent by Akomes,Mar 1, 2012
I cried a bit when LiteCitrus posted porn.
Sent by Quackerz,Mar 1, 2012
Aww Quackerz

I cried when I posted porn
a lot was going through my head at the time
Sent by LiteCitrus,Mar 1, 2012
no never even close LOL
Sent by Ghoul,Mar 1, 2012
I have been upset but I don't think cry lol
Sent by jharrin7887,Mar 1, 2012

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