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//123// My Guess

16thJul 6, 2012 by Akomes
In 2011 it was Me, sandizzle, Sexgoddx, Etienne who came from nowhere and became ''someone''...

and now it is tartra, milkisgood, imiracle, jouix, bo_om, foxox and @jenzie. :pp

Etienne I mean the period when u got much Karma and stuff.


IKRRR!!!! Thats exactly what I was thinking!
Sent by StupidHo,Jul 6, 2012
I knew Sandy and Etienne back in 2010 :|
Sent by Shadow541,Jul 6, 2012
u were always someone in my eyes =]]]
Sent by Trust,Jul 6, 2012
what? I didnt hear your name till lately tbh
Sent by nelson1987911,Jul 6, 2012
Sent by Etienne,Jul 6, 2012
pffft 2011 was my year you can have 2010 grandpa lmao

2012 is obvi the year of Bo_oM
Sent by NexusCain,Jul 6, 2012
always irrel ;(
Sent by Bo_oM,Jul 6, 2012
I was someone back in 2010 ;)
Sent by hoodieboy7449,Jul 6, 2012
what about me!?
Sent by dmann,Jul 6, 2012
When I came back I think Bo_oM dmann and Foxox were some pretty big names.
Sent by Cali,Jul 6, 2012
=D cali
Sent by dmann,Jul 6, 2012
I'm still a noob tbh lol Akomes
Sent by Jouix,Jul 6, 2012
I'm not on here :|
Sent by brosky17,Jul 6, 2012
Sent by Foxox,Jul 7, 2012
haha there I am!
Sent by SexGoddx,Jul 7, 2012
brosky17 You might be in Monthly Rankers but not many people know you yet. :|
Sent by Akomes,Jul 7, 2012
fair enough Akomes :)
Sent by brosky17,Jul 7, 2012
"I mean the period when u got much Karma and stuff."

Akomes well actually I got almost half of my current karma during 2010, cuz I bought TV Star at the beginning of 2011, in february. So I HAD to have almost 2000 karma earned already. :P
Sent by Etienne,Jul 11, 2012
Sent by NicholasDavies,Jul 26, 2012
Sent by turney1805,Aug 1, 2012

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