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list of talentless musicians

1 thewolfman, Jan 20, 2018

Any female popstar


Random Reality Show S1 (Round 2/Eviction)

8 Carvalho, Jan 10, 2018

Welcome everybody, to the second round of Random Reality Show Eviction!
.- Last entry the winner was iichaoskimmy said: "Iconic victory tbh omg.
I nominate Database for eviction #sorrynotsorry"
.- aria_grande became the loser of second round and will face Database in the bottom 2.
Now it's your time to choose:
.- First send me a PM, with the person you want to EVICT.
.- Second choose a number from the box for the next round and post below here in the blog.
.- Third iichaoskimmy is safe so she will absent the next round. On the other hand FlamingJojo is now in the game since inmunity is no longer running for her.
.- Fourth aria_grande and Database can't vote (for obvi reasons) and cannot choose a number, the one of you who survive the eviction will recieve the remaining number left.
1. LiukBB choose number 8
2. MIchelle990 choose number 10
3. badgalriri choose number 11
4. Macda27 choose number 5
5. Merediths choose number 9
6. FireX choose number 4
7. SteveBuscemi choose number 6
8. rawr121 choose number 3
9. Rederico random.org choose 2
10. FlamingJojo random.org choose 1
Numbers lefts:
X, X, X, X, X, X, 7, X, X, X & X.
It's time to vote, and is in your hands to choose, who stay's and who goes!.
#BB19 #Survivor #BBUK #BBCAN #casting #fasting #rookies #stars


Accurate reaction of me

3 Mickiejames22, Jan 2, 2018

When something bad happens to somebody I don't like on this site. #SorryNotSorry 馃槍


I don't understand why ppl filter

1 XxLoveWakizaxX, Nov 15, 2017

because doesn't it feel better to leave someone feeling ignored? Imagine writing a long apology with no response #SorrynotSorry


jujubee deserved to win more than raven

0 Temeky, Aug 24, 2017

stop saying raven was robbed


Im so glad Shangela is rumoured to make it to..

1 ImGonnaWin, Aug 22, 2017

she is such a talented amazing iconic queen !
i hope she beats annoying trixie lmao


I trapped him

20 Phenomanimal, Jun 25, 2017

At an enroute stop off the highway
After we realized that we were 10 mins from each other on the highway


Noah Cyrus is talentless

0 2388, Jun 10, 2017

she's only famous coz of her sister


Am I the only one

5 coreyants, Apr 17, 2017

Who is happy shops can only sell 4 a max of 800t?
No design is worth 1000t #SORRYNOTSORRY especially now that we can't all just bet on multis.
I do think who moves on should change, but I'm sick of the same people getting gifted & you know the ones bitching are the people with 1000 gifts.
At the end of the day though, I'm more concerned about multis getting banned & people not being able to cheat. I think randomize should be focused on games as this is a gaming site and finding mods ASAP. Fuck pixel designs, you guys are OBSESSED.


The new design ideas are as pathetic as

4 Minie, Apr 17, 2017

the people who suggested them


Survivor > Big Brother

3 BrendaMeekz, Apr 12, 2017

Always and forever. #SorryNotSorry


If ur blog pic

6 Nattie, Mar 19, 2017

Consists of ur dream avi or u with hoh in a frookies I'm judging u


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