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Stars 486 Tributes

Mar 11, 2018 by RasCity
Let's start from the Top and Work our way down!

BigBrotherDonny - WINNER - Iconic King of Pop, the only person I would've been okay with losing to after seeing how things turned out. He was not in my core group alliance but still managed to make Final 9 Unnominated where he was put up with someone who asked to leave. He manuevered his way perfectly and at the end of the day came out on top. 💪

Kelly0412 - 2ND -

Crush - 3RD - Very good gameplay besides the fact I didn't feel comfortable rewarding someone who nominated me over Kelly0412 3 different times with going unnominated. You tried your hardest and I regret saying I wish you got 3rd by .1% to Kelly, but I don't care who got 2nd/3rd as long as a real one got 1st.

Sashababy2010 - 4TH - Couldn't trust me enough to overlook the fact that he has despicable and vile BFF's(can you blame him). But the truth is I've always liked Sasha a lot, and I really believed in him and I really wanted to see him win if it wasn't me. I wish there was a way for me to let you go unnominated, you tried your absolute best and slayed, however I want you to know that this is where being friends with disgusting people gets you in life.

RasCity - 5TH - Multi Toe Sucking Idiot tbh.

JennaValentina - 6TH - Did absolutely amazing in your first Stars, I was really happy to see you beat Funnehliner, because I wasn't sure anyone else in the cast could've done it, and I really wasn't expecting to beat you but I did and I'm sorry I couldn't take it to the end and win it for you, even though you probably didn't want me to anyways.

Jkjkjk15 - 7TH - Really felt a genuine reconnection with you, we had a gameplan and I thought it was honestly gonna work, but you guys let perception mess up reality and you fucked all of us over, I think you made the wrong choice by standing by sasha replacing me with Kelly, and you nommed me 3 times+ and I nommed you once. #SorryNotSorry.

Oatty3 - 8TH - I still feel bad about the tactics I used against you in the pollbox however, I must say your game didn't impress me at all... It's sad to see, You just kept asking the same questions over and over again and I don't even remember. But I'm happy I finally survived a poll I just wish you did Kelly/Sasha instead of Me/Jenna(SMH).

Finnick - 9TH - Honestly a true shame to see you go, you gave up because it got too stressful, but honestly you giving up fucked me over so hard and I knew it would. I don't know if you nommed me for 8th but if you did I hope you feel bad because I didn't even nominate you when you went up for 9th.

Funnehliner - 10TH - Really smart individual I'd say atleast from a distance. He claims to not have been trying this game which is easy to say when you're not finding any success. However even if you weren't trying then that's a absolute joke that you're salty for getting evicted when you weren't even trying, and on top of that you knew you had been staying because of multi's. You blamed me for the multi's because I was celebrating your eviction to the person who saved you on multi's and he told you about it. I don't hate you, but at the end of the day competition is competition and I had to get you out to win. I just didn't do a good enough job for you not to blame me for having a multi kingdom even though there isn't even any ash left.

Jordan009 - 11th - Robbed tbh, I really wanted to work with you but it's just a hard knock life for an inactive, I didn't wanna see you go but at the same time we all gotta go one way or the other. GG

LuckyLefty - 12th - Tragic. I saw you as someone who could be paired against me in the future and that would easily beat me, I was hoping you would stay against Funneh but you got robbed and if you wouldve stayed then who knows.

Bluejay762 - 13th - Honestly such a boring Stars Player I don't know why you even tryito mynito burrito. But then again I don't even know why I try either. Cya No Lemjam;(

Jameslu - 14th - I never got the point in not trying in Stars. Like maybe it'll work out and you'll fly under the radar the whole time but most of the time you're just a sitting duck and that's what you we're. Sorry babe.

Mrcool - 15th - Definition of a Sheep. You don't speak for yourself, Kelly speaks for you and it's a shame because I thought you we're a decent human being before this game. #CYANoLemjam

Mathboy9 - 16th - Also honestly a very boring stars player, and it's a shame because I wanna like you I just don't know if the damage of you being a Kelly0412/NotNicky333 Sheep will ever rub off, especially not if you keep doing it. GL Icon and GG.

This song is for you Miss Kelly0412:


cungrats on yo 5th
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