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PREVIOUSLY ON SURVIVOR: Following Debbie’s blindside, Russell wanted no part of his tribe. “I tried to lead this tribe, I failed, and I’m done,” he said. Spencer knew he had to do damage control. “I think Russell is strong,” Spencer said, “So I need him to be on our good side, because if we lose, we may have to vote out Brenda or Eliza instead.” Spencer talked to Russell and told him that he was still okay. “We need to win competitors, and we felt like Debbie was the weaker link. It’s still Eliza if we lose next,” he told Russell. Russell hoped that Spencer was telling the truth. On the Nobag tribe, David and Stephen continued being in the swing position, while tensions continued to flare between Randy and Francesca as well as Troyzan and Shii Ann. Troyzan called Shii Ann out for laziness, to which Shii Ann didn’t respond well. Randy, meanwhile, blamed Francesca for hogging up too much space in the camp. Hali was beginning to see these tensions and talked to Stephen. “As much as I love Randy and Troyzan, it seems like they’re really causing some conflict,” she told Stephen. Stephen was happy, seeing this as an opportunity to get Hali as a number. He waited to see how the challenge would play out first. At the Murlonio tribe, Courtney was beginning to feel a bit ill. “I’m worried that Courtney, as much as I love her may be detrimental for our tribe,” Michaela said to Peih-Gee, after the three of them made a solidified bond a few days ago. Peih-Gee knew she needed Courtney as a number to get rid of Rob, and hoped that Courtney could pull through for the challenge. At the challenge, the contestants needed to eat gross things. First to three points would win, last to three points would be sent to tribal. On Nobag, Francesca and David sat out. On the Dangrayne tribe, Eliza sat out. First up was Randy, Russell, and Peih-Gee. Randy was first to finish and won a point, putting Nobag in the lead. Next was three women, Shii-Ann, Brenda, and Michaela. Michaela was first to finish, giving Murlonio a point. Next was Troyzan, Gervase, and Rob. Gervase finished first, making it a tie between all three tribes. Next up was Hali, Danielle, and Courtney. Courtney, being sick, had trouble swallowing her food, while Danielle skated by with her tribe’s second point. Dangrayne was one point away. Next was Stephen, Spencer, and Phillip. Spencer was able to win and give the Dangrayne tribe immunity. Both other tribes only had one point a piece. Next was a one on one between previous point-getters Randy and Michaela. Randy got the point, putting Nobag one point away from a victory. Next up was both Troyzan and Phillip, trying to redeem themselves. Phillip ended up getting the point, making it a 2-2 tie. Last was Hali against Courtney, who wanted to redeem herself. Rob looked in terror, seeing how Courtney was sick, and would probably not get the point. However, in a true heroic moment, Courtney beat Hali by a matter of seconds,..


Dono's Survivor S7 Announcement!

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People of Tengaged Earth!
Pre-production has finally begun on the non-anticipated season seven of Dono's Survivor! It has been a few months, but I am now beginning preparations for the next season!
Expect applications to open up early next week! Only players new to the series can apply!
Ten points added to the final score of your math test if you can guess the location below! The hint? It begins with a "W".
Thanks for reading, and I'm hoping to hear from you soon!


Natalie Anderson

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Coming Soon

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One face, two face, three face, four,
Which one you wear may dictate it all.
Sometimes it's the DECEIT and the lies,
That may allow you to clench the prize.
Suitman's Survivor: Season 11 - Coming October 2020


Survivor Voting: Borneo

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Tagi Tribe
Pagong Tribe
Tagi Tribe is going to Tribal Council! First 8 to vote get the votes read at tribal.
#survivor #voting


Looks like

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No Survivor until Fall 2021. Production won’t start until Spring 2021.


GROUP GAME HELL S9 Applications Open.

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After 8 great seasons as Ethan and Scott's Survivor, myself and Fobbyiyg are re-branding Tengaged's worst group game series to GROUP GAME HELL, which will now include reality show formats other than Survivor.
Season 9 will be our first BIG BROTHER season, featuring both players new to the series as well as returnee players from our first 8 seasons of Survivor (but no one from All Stars).
Applications are open today and will close Sep. 14.


Cutthroat Survivor 13 -- APPLY TODAY!

1 _JB_, Sep 1, 2020

Cutthroat #Survivor is casting for Season 13 of Gen 2 and the 33rd season overall.
Whether you are looking to start a new chapter of your Cutthroat legacy or planning to begin one, your application is desired.
In the 13th season of Gen II, a new group of Tengagers will fight to become the sole survivor, with several surprises in store for the players.
The goal of this second generation is to bring a competitive edge to people's lives in times where they could use it.
The game is expected to begin September 6th and last until the middle of September.
Send your application via mail today! APPS CLOSE SOON!
I hope to hear from you soon!



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Cliff from Survivor: Cagayan has died at 53 #Survivor


Top 100 Survivor Players Power Rankings..

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Last time, we ranked the top 71-80 contestants (Randy, Natalie Bolton, Hayden, Devon, Kelly Wiglesworth, Gavin, Danielle D, Rudy, Amber, and Mama C) and you had to guess for the next batch. Today, we’re gonna look at the 61-70 ranked contestants on my list. Again, this is only my opinion and earning a spot on the list in any way, shape, or form is a good thing, regardless of placement. You will disagree, and that’s okay, just be polite, kind, and respectful in your comments and healthy discussion. I cannot wait to hear what you think. Here we go!
*Number 70: Heidi Strobel (The Amazon)- Has Heidi been slightly forgotten over time? Unfortunately, yes. But in Survivor’s earliest stages, Heidi was a legend and an icon. The stripping for chocolate and peanut butter was one of the most iconic moments of the show’s history for many of its early run, and still a moment fans look back to today. But what is impressive about Heidi’s game is not the fact that she made memorable character moments, but because she was honestly a pretty great player. She used the flirt game to trance some of the men on the other tribe (aside from Rob Cesternino, maybe the dumbest group of people to be on one tribe), and once the merge hit, she was instrumental in getting Roger booted right away. Once the merge went along, she helped blindside Deena as well, and found herself fitting nicely with many majority votes, including getting Jenna Morasca (eventual winner) to GIVE HER THE IMMUNITY NECKLACE. Only few contestants have had someone give them the necklace at tribal, and Heidi is part of that esteemed club. She only goes out when she does because she was the biggest threat left, and because Rob was just that much better at the game and got the last laugh. I do think Heidi is underrated and earns a place on this list because she was one of the first to really utilize the flirt card, but proved that her brains were just as strong as her charms. A great old school player I wish we could’ve seen play again.
*Number 69: Natalie White (Winner of Samoa)- Natalie is someone who is deeply hurt by edit, because I do think she was much more instrumental in her season’s gameplay than she was shown to be. Of all the allies Russell had, the only one who was wise enough to not backstab or talk behind his back was Natalie. She saw what happened to Marisa, to Ashley, to Liz. All people who Russell had “aligned” with who he ultimately backstabbed because they were talking about him in a negative light (or not complying to his strategy). Natalie was smart enough to learn from them and keep her mouth shut, and only played hard when she needed to, and when she knew she wouldn’t be reprimanded for it. She made Russell think she was a guaranteed goat in the end, but as we saw from her final tribal council, she knew how to make herself look more positive, and ultimately won over the jury votes. Again, the edit buried her (especially with big characters like Russell, Shambo,..


Suitman's Survivor: Second Chance -..

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Applications are now open for RETURNING PLAYERS to apply for SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE - the tenth season of Suitman Survivor's Third Generation, due to premiere on Friday September 4th.
Players are eligible to compete if they have only played ONE Third Generation Suitman's Survivor season, AND have NEVER won a Suitman season in Gens 1-3, Big Brother, or Flop Nation solo seasons. To confirm, ALL former Suitman winners are excluded from this one.
Competitions will take place at 5pm EST with occasional non-live challenges also thrown in. The season takes place in the Western Sahara, and will feature the return of SuitBucks, with a Day 1 twist that will cause shockwaves.



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