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Survivor Top Placings (per season)

0 LoganWorm, Jun 19, 2014

Main Group:
Viewers Lounge:
LoganWorm's Survivor: Tonga
Winner: Jeff Formaggio (TDO88)
Runner-Up: Avery Flame (FireFlameVG)
Vote: 2-1
Player of the Season: Jordan Maine (jman96)
Fan Favorites: Jordan Maine (jman96) & Prue Halliwell (IceIceBaby)
LoganWorm's Survivor: Madagascar
Winner: Erik Strada (EEstrada17)
Runner-Up: Jordyn Stick (Stick)
Vote: 3-3/3-2
Player of the Season: Jordyn Stick (Stick)
Fan Favorite: Nick Mana (manalord)
LoganWorm's Survivor: Brazil
Winner: David Steel (Steel)
Runner-Up: Unit Banks (Unit8890)
Vote: 2-1
Player of the Season: David Steel (Steel)
Fan Favorite: David Steel (Steel)
LoganWorm's Survivor: China
Winner: Old Newz (OldNewz)
Runner-Up: Joey Tortellini (TheEclipse)
Vote: 4-3
Player of the Season: Danny Shadow (Chantra1)
Fan Favorites: Chris Stoner (Gaiaphage) & Glinda Nessarose (Glinda)
LoganWorm's Survivor: Greece
Winner: Jodi Rollins (JodiRollins)
Runner-Up: Chris Blue (blueu22)
2nd Runner-Up: Ranz Trackers (thetrackerjackers)
Vote: 4-3-0
Player of the Season: Chris Blue (blueu22)
Fan Favorites: Jodi Rollins (JodiRollins) & Jacob Smith (BOBROCKS333)
LoganWorm's Survivor: Costa Rica
Winner: Jeremy "JB" Brady (_JB_)
Runner-Up: Rhys Rhode (AndThenThereWasOne)
2nd Runner-Up: Destiny Marshall (panda6785)
Vote: 3-3-1/4-3
Player of the Season: Rhys Rhode (AndThenThereWasOne)
Fan Favorites: Jeff Garon (aimers) & Katherine Royals (JosephinaAlexis)
LoganWorm's Survivor: All-Stars
Winner: Erik Strada (EEstrada17)
Runner-Up: Chris Blue (blueu22)
Vote: 6-3
Player of the Season: Erik Strada (EEstrada17)
Fan Favorite: Erik Strada (EEstrada17)
LoganWorm's Survivor: Galapagos
Winner: Bryant Blackwood (z3ro)
Runner-Up: Ethan Hanslo (Ethan000)
Vote: 3-3-2/5-3
Player of the Season: Bryant Blackwood (z3ro)
Fan Favorites: Ben Gresham (bigben1996) & Sagar Culpepper (obscurity)
LoganWorm's Survivor: Exile Island
Winner: Paul Meier (Survivorgame1)
Runner-Up: Roman Vollos (dwallz26)
2nd Runner-Up: Ryan "RyJam" Hawk (ryanhawk71)
Vote: 3-3-2/4-4/4-3
Player of the Season: Erik Northbird (ItsOfficial)
Fan Favorites: Erik Northbird (ItsOfficial)


LoganWorm's Survivor Comments

0 LoganWorm, Jul 17, 2013

These are comments from my second shot at hosting.
For comments from my first show, view this blog:
I'd like to congratulate Logan. This is the fourth group game I've played, and this was by far the best one hosted, so I guess this congrats is for you truly improving on your hosting skills, and they are awesome.
It's very close to being one of the most fun games ever
yours, mearls, gaia's and suit's were the most fun
although personally your the best host when it comes to making it realistic
and the little things you did like the wikia, the tribal music was cool
Logan's game is very fun. In my season, he was very committed, which made the game FUN. his season that i played in was one of the best i've ever played, from the challenge fun, to the drama (that even resulted in bribery in THG)
You're absolutely without a doubt my favourite host, all of the little features like the sound effects and descriptions are incredible
I swear to God I felt like I was on Survivor...Logan is super particular with the smallest details and it's awesome. It really gets you invested into the game. If you want to play Survivor this the group game to play!
You host your game so that every detail is perfect and there were times where I actually thought I was on Survivor. It's the most realistic game out there
I loved it! It was very VERY well put together, and it's LITERALLY the most realistic series on this site.
I want to thank you on a job well done, and I would love to return in the future :)
Yea it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. My favorite part has been the game in general, and playing the game and making moves. I also enjoyed the tribal councils and the music, and the intros < 3.
Logan, it's the little things here and there that make your game amazing. Like the cool little intros you do, the music you create. Not to mention the fact that you are really organized and that you always show up for any event. Overall an amazing host :D
It was so much more than I expected! I got to meet so many great people, play an intense game, strategize for hours on end, and win! I didn't even come in expecting to win!
None capture my interest like this game. Like you can tell several details went into this game and it makes the experience for me worth-while.
The game itself when it didn't come to eliminations was fantastic < 3. It was realistic, fun, very well put together... great job Logan :D.
This game is one of the best group games I've ever been, Logan. Very realistic. Very nerve-wracking. Very intense. I love the drama. I love the blindsides...

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