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Big Brother House Ranking #14 Part 1

Jun 30, 2018 by tomhartnell
Here's a little incentive or Bribe to read my blog; If you give me your thoughts, I will tag you in each of these active blogs. Which could help you trend. And maybe a potential gift in the future

Well, now that we have Studio 12 out of the way, we'll completely delve deeper into the houses of Studio 18.
I like all of these houses; I believe Scott Storey is the best set producer in history. CHANGE MY MIND, but I have to be a bit harsh. So I'm here to nitpick, and that's a warning to all of you! If you don't like what I say, feel free to tell me what you think! Because, like it or not, design is the key element to Big Brother.
  The Design of the house dictates how people are going to live. The Design in my opinion needs to synchronize with the twist of the house, and the theme of the game. Simply having the theme not match the twist; provides for a very great missed opportunity. And no missed opportunity can match that of Big Brother 11.

Big Brother 11 Screams Missed Opportunities. First of all, you have a cliques season; and you bring back 1 returning houseguest? Why couldn't we see Jessica return? Why did you guys blatantly mislead Cowboy and Brian? Why? It makes me sad. Secondly, you have a cliques season; a season based on High School, and your house isn't based on a school? Dude, seriously doe.

I love this house, it's one of my favorites of all time, I think the design is much better than some of the houses I have ranked above. And I'll give them their time as well. But, I need to address the Elephant in the room, and how I would have done it better! So Bear with me as I divide this post in 2 parts. Part 1 How I would have done it, and Part 2 How I feel about the house aside from the rest of the season.

So bear with me please.
I would have based the Living Room off of an auditorium or theater. Imagine velvet ropes, and Victorian furniture. The seating area would be raised on a stage, just like it was a set piece, and old lighting set on the stage as well. And a row of theater seats under the Chenbot screen.

The Entrance would be real high school lockers, above and below the 2-way mirror. 

The Kitchen would have been based off of a High School lunch room, I would have had a serving line, and a buffet table. I would have had a big High School lunchroom table, with plastic Blue and Gray colored chairs. They would be on a Basketball floor, just like some lunchrooms are, and I would have a basketball hoop over the yard door. And above the kitchen I'd have a big sign with BB High written on it and a Big Brother Logo. Bear in mind that this is when BB did this type of stuff. BB10 had "BB Diner" They could have came up with BB High.

The Bathroom would have been based off a Locker Room, and there'd be lockers in place of the normal dresser, and a changing stool in place of the normal lounge chair. The walls would have been tiled Light-Gray and Blue.

The Balcony would be dressed up like a Library. With a hardwood floor with rugs on it. The lounge seat would be a beat up leather/vinyl with Binders on the table. And I'd have an old IBM computer that would come into play in a future challenge. The houseguests could have fun with a little old school technology, a computer that is incompatible with the internet does not break Big Brother's rules and guidelines.

I would have brought back the weight room. I know they put the equipment outside, but there's a use to have it inside. Paint the room Blue, with Gray matting. And have different workout equipment in there. Like a pull up station, a bowflex, and a treadmill. Yet still have the bench and elliptical outside.

The Bedrooms would each be based off a different class. Take into consideration that one would become the Have Not Room.

The First Room would be based off Astronomy class. It would be made to look like you're in the Milky Way. Like BB Canada 5 (but BB11 was before so it's chill) With each planet on the solar system lighting up, with the sun in the middle. I'd have all 3 single beds, and one double on the opposing wall.

The Side Room would be based off Auto Shop. It would have tool boxes in place of dressers, they would have car beds (LOL) and some would be on platforms. And I'd have Cadillac seats sitting on the mirroless wall with a real garage door behind. 

The Back Room would be based off Art class, I'd have easels and I'd have pictures outfitting the walls. I'd even have a Spinning Wheel in the corner. The beds would each have a different "Masterpiece" used as comforters. Mona Lisa, Monet's Garden at Giverny, The Woman Weeping by Picasso, and The Screamer.
The Have Not Room would be based off Ag Class. I'd have it be a Barn with hay as the beds.

The Backyard would be based off a football field. I'd have bleachers in place of the hammock (cry) and I'd have goal posts on each side of the yard. For the pool, I'd have a swimming lane painted in with a rope going across. I'd suit the hot tub with seat cushions like you bring to football games, races, etc. And the lounge would be made to look like a VIP suite. I'd have a big couch that would be dark gray with blue cushions. and a nice square table in the middle.

Before I get to the HOH Room, I'd put in a punishment room in the Pandora's Box room. I'd make it look like detention with a single desk in the middle of the room. And if houseguests broke the rules, or failed a certain task they'd be forced to spend an hour or more in the room. (sidenote: I'd also try to convince Ali G to make the Final HOH comp a detention themed endurance comp.)

The HOH Room would be real professional. I't would be made to look kind of like a Principal's office. Or something you'd assume your Principal lives in. It would have masculine colors, and I'd have an oak desk in there as well. And 2 Chaise Loungers. The Bathroom would have a brown wooden theme, with gold accents. I'd have dark oak for the hardwood floor.
The DR would be made to look like a school photo area, with a classic school photo background. The hall would have rows of lockers.

That's it. That's how I would have done it. That's how I would have designed Big Brother 11's BB High themed house. Imagine Chima being sent to detention, or Russell being mad coming out. Imagine Jeff and Jordan sleeping on a double carbed or on the bed looking at the stars. The boys showing each other up in the weight room, and Nat playing along. It would have been Great!

Here is the Imgur if you want to see what I'm going with


This is great in-depth analysis. Keep up the good work!
Sent by KrisStory,Jun 30, 2018

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