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Big Brother House Ranking #18

Jun 29, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageSo I'm now about to break my tradition so far of going in order. And, after further consideration I'm knocking one of Studio 18's houses down to the bottom of the list; Why? Because it's fucking UGLY!

No I originally loved this house, because it featured all of my favorite colors, but after the house reveal I grew tired of it fast. In fact I think the houseguests in the house also grew tired of it, because they slept all fucking day.

In 2010 The summer of Sabotage was underway (for a week) but It felt like they Sabotaged the fans with the eyesore that is Big Brother 12.
If you want to follow along:

Like I said earlier, it featured my favorite colors, Teal and Goldenrod. But such an ugly execution. There were a couple hidden gems, but they were abruptly overshadowed by the design flaws that carried over the house.

Season 12 had a South Beach theme, and it ended up looking gawdy and cheap. Here are the reasons why I feel Big Brother 12 may have the worst house design ever

Living Rooom: The living room was pretty, I loved the color scheme, but besides that it felt kind of boring, the couches didn't look right together, and they swapped the nomination chairs. The room looked like a waiting room, and that bored the living piss out of me. Plus it was basically just BB11's living room, with new wallpaper. The columns were the same from BB11, just teal instead of purple. And the boring design added to the boring aesthetic.

Kitchen: The kitchen was THE SAME kitchen from BB11 with new wallpaper and new colors. The colors were pretty, but the room was boring, lacked creativity, and felt cheap.

Palm Room: The "Jumanji" Was one of the few hidden gems of the season, it had a pretty calming design, that felt like going to a Miami themed motel, however we didn't see much of it, because this was the room that housed the BRIGADE, and if you were a feed watcher like me, you know that all they fucking did was slept all day. So we never really got to see it utilized to it's potential

Sunset Room: I love the colors, I like this room, but after a while it made me sick looking at it, the colors were overpowering after a while, and it began to feel tiresome

Pink Palm Room/ Have Not: Okay, so they took the Asian wall off the kitchen wall and used it in the bedroom, besides that the room was boring Okay So?  it became the have not room? So what about the havenot room? It had an oil spill theme, mocking the BP oil spill of 2010. I said it, Mocking a fucking Tragedy for a design! It had a cool shark in the corner, but the room was Disgusting, LITERALLY DISGUSTING They used Maggots as a design element, I'll repeat MAGGOTS, if I think about this room I'm gonna puke

Cabana Room: They took a Cabana and made a room out of it, at first seemed neat, was neat. Then it got boring, the fish they had in the corner all died. The room became the sulking place for Kathy, and made me realize how boring it actually was

Backyard: Can anyone say Lame? You hear beach theme, and you assume or Expect it to have a beach themed yard, complete with possibly a new pool? Getting rid of the ugly pool would have been nice. I mean Big Brother had the money, BB11 was one of Big Brother's most successful seasons they certainly had the money to do something neat, seeing as most of the houseguests spend the majority of their time out there. But Nope! they put in ugly furniture, and didn't even reveal the yard during the house reveal, There was NOTHING about this yard that made it stand out

Balcony: The hidden gem that was NEVER used, the Balcony of BB12 had a club theme, and was beautiful, but the lazy mugs never used it NEVER

HOH Room: Ugh, I hate this room. They took Big Brother 11's nice HOH room, and took away the backwall in exchange for curtains. They took the ocean picture and exchanged it with south beach, and took the nice furniture out. They didn't even have a piece of lounging equipment during the house reveal, they added an ugly ass gray swivel rocker in the last minute. BB12's room screamed cheap ripoff, and the room wasn't just boring, it was ugly. They had an atrocious blue floor, and hung the dresser off the wall (which is stupid AF because dressers are heavy DUMB)

Finally, the worst room in Big Brother History. A room that has made me throw up The Bathroom: What the fuck was this? They took Yellow and completely overdid it. Isn't yellow supposed to be an accent color? The lines going from the wall to the floor made me dizzy, and the ugly gray couch with the nasty looking yellow shag carpet underneath. I remember clicking on to the feeds once and the sight I saw was Kathy putting Vagisil on while laying on that couch. I got dizzy I puked. I FUCKING HATE THIS ROOM




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