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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I'm going to join Stars in the near future (PYN)

Mar 15, 2014 by tinabeena
and I need T$. I'm a broke bitch.

So PYN and I'll tell you 1 thing I like about you and 1 thing I hate about you. If I can't think of anything, I'll say what I like/hate about your avi. Yeah, I'm original.

Nattie: What I like about you: You have a big heart and you're really nice to people.
What I don't like about you: Some of the "company" you keep. :/

zachboy967: I don't know you, so I took a look at your profile.
What I like about you: I like the fact you're from Texas. I love Texas, even though my biggest mistake (I got married in Witchita Falls, TX) was made in Texas.
What I don't like: You need more designs.

JesseM: What I like about you: That we are finally friends, and I don't evict you in Stars anymore :D
What I don't like: You live in Florida. JEALOUS.

Steel: What I like about you: Honestly, I think you get a lot of undeserved hate on this site, and I have always admired how you handle yourself.
What I don't like: I don't have you on skype yet. WTF?!

Cocoabean: What I like about you: You listen to me bitch time after time and you're always there with an ear when I need to vent. And plus you're helping me out with my book and I don't trust many people to see my stuff before it's actually done, so kudos to you ;) You are also have wonderful plans for the future, and I wish I was like you when I was younger.
What I don't like: You're a design whore. ;) I love you though!

Ladris: I don't think we've talked a whole I took a look at your profile/avi. What I like: I loooove your's very interesting. And your avi is soooo cute. I love the weave!
What I don't like: You're a blogging whore ;)

Funnehliner: What I like: I'm glad we are friends, you're an amazing person, and a great gameplayer. Also I love the fact that you are from Germany and your English skills are amazing as well.
What I don't like: That we weren't friends sooner. WTF is up with that?!

ajg31397: What I like: You have always been super nice to me :)
What I don't like: Hmmm. Your username is a little weird. I'm guessing that it means something, but I'm not sure what. :P

Chloeox: I don't really know you. So I took a look at your profile and avi.
What I like: You seem to have a lot of faithful friends and you seem to be well-liked and nice :)
What I don't like: You need an avi nose and your profile is sooooo long. LOL

dmann: What I like: You could be my son, we're so alike with our moodiness and we have similar qualities.
What I don't like: You're moody, just like me. LOL But don't fret, I don't like that about myself either. Love you < 33


Sent by Nattie,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by zachboy967,Mar 15, 2014
Yes Tinabeena < 3
Sent by JesseM,Mar 15, 2014
i dont want that avi shit tho so do the former for me
Sent by Steel,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by CocoaBean,Mar 15, 2014
0.1 T at a time to join stars
Sent by Ladris,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by Funnehliner,Mar 15, 2014

gl in stars miss tinabeena < 3
Sent by ajg31397,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by Chloeox,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by dmann,Mar 15, 2014
gl hun, you would have my support :)
Sent by seana86,Mar 15, 2014
me :)
Sent by acyuta,Mar 16, 2014

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