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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Listen up JENZ

Mar 16, 2014 by tinabeena
I didn't see this until someone (who shall remain anon) pointed this out to me on one of my blogs...

LOL is it bc piper gave her lice?
Sent by jenzie,Mar 13, 2014

You know what jenzie? I don't care if you don't like me. Insult me, personally attack me all you want...BUT DO NOT BRING MY DAUGHTER IN TO THIS.

That's low, even for you. So do me a favor and FUCK OFF you dumb bitch.


Listen up JENZIE.
Sent by Nattie,Mar 16, 2014
Sent by TheGoodMan,Mar 16, 2014
I dont know why anyone would bring up someone's child tbh tinabeena
Sent by seana86,Mar 16, 2014
this has got to be fake... jenzie would not do something like this.
Sent by je7467,Mar 16, 2014
Sent by jenzie,Mar 16, 2014
Sent by FelipeS,Jan 6, 2018

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