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My family is so fucked up

Mar 12, 2014 by tinabeena
My niece texted me today to let me know that I was "uninvited" from her baby shower and that she'll "spend less money on food" because I'm "pushing 500 pounds" and "eat everything in sight."

I LOL'd, didn't even respond...I wasn't planning on going to that demon spawn's baby shower anyway because she's a cunt. She always antagonizes me and said that a gay man knocked me up...I will say this...I'd rather have a gay man knock me up then a drug dealer. This bitch smokes dope 24/7 and she's 6 months pregnant. I wonder what she'd think if an anonymous tip was made and her/her drug dealer boyfriend and my sister's apartment was raided by the I THAT vindictive? ;)

EDIT: I guess the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree.


nothing wrong with smoking a bong
Sent by mikespike,Mar 12, 2014
I read this and thought u were gagaluv for a second
Sent by andychuck08,Mar 12, 2014
mikespike When you're 6 months pregnant? I smoke occasionally but I NEVER smoked when I was pregnant with my daughter...even a cigarette. I was the picture of good health when I was pregnant.
Sent by tinabeena,Mar 12, 2014

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