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I swear to God

Apr 11, 2014 by tinabeena
this weather in Maine is BIPOLAR.

Not trying to make light of a mental illness, cause I'm bipolar, but day it's like 76 degrees, and then it's in the low 40s. I wish the weather would make up it's mind....

If the weather would stay like this (It's in the high 50s right now) I wouldn't mind living in Maine.

I hope it's safe to bring my snow shovel in....


i live in maine i know what you mean
Sent by WhitneyStar119,Apr 11, 2014
In Michigan it's gonna be in the 60/70s up until Monday, but then on Tuesday it's supposed to be like 44
Sent by Clone,Apr 11, 2014
WhitneyStar119 Oh wow. Are you up North?

Clone That is what I'm talking about. LOL We have the same weather practically.
Sent by tinabeena,Apr 11, 2014
More like central Maine. tinabeena
Sent by WhitneyStar119,Apr 11, 2014

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