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Snoofle, Could you please come here..

1stJul 18, 2011 by snooflesmom
I am in the living room and trying to ask you a question, but your headphones must be on and your music must be very loud, or else you are ignoring me.  I need to find out if I am allowed to play a fast game at the same time that I am in my current game. Also, I don't know how to pm you so that I don't have to blog when I have a question for you.


Sent by sjsoccer88,Jul 18, 2011
yeah u can play a fast game at the same time as a slow game game
Sent by ladybug5,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by lonlee,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by finklestein123,Jul 18, 2011
Thank you, ladybug!
Sent by snooflesmom,Jul 18, 2011

you can join a fast game and a slow 1 at the same time
Sent by Kooldude1991,Jul 18, 2011
your welcome add me as a friend
Sent by ladybug5,Jul 18, 2011
thanks too, Kooldude!
Sent by snooflesmom,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by RiDsTeR,Jul 18, 2011
Update: Snoofle came out and helped me. Thank you!
Sent by snooflesmom,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by saxonmath,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by _Aria,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by Akomes,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by semajdude911,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by Florina,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by 5651Omar,Jul 18, 2011
Sent by pink03angel,Jul 18, 2011
This. Is. Gold.
Sent by DCSooner,Jul 18, 2011
hiii mom
Sent by myiel,Jul 19, 2011
LMFAO. You are hilarious
Sent by The_Domany,Jul 19, 2011
Awhh [':
Sent by iGoddess,Jul 19, 2011
omg this is amazing
Sent by cheznahuf,Jul 19, 2011
How is it possible for a white level to have all these 1st place blogs? Please tell me your secret!
Sent by Qwerty3000,Jul 19, 2011
Sent by blobberhead,Jul 19, 2011
Not trying to be mean or anything, but how does this make top blog?
Sent by Zarbon,Jul 19, 2011
These blogs real cute .
Sent by mocallio,Jul 19, 2011
You are adorable!
Sent by nmh95,Jul 19, 2011
Sent by MikeRORO,Jul 19, 2011
Baby, call me. I miss u.

Love ya,
'your partner of 3 years' xoxo
Sent by Snooflesothermom,Jul 19, 2011
wtf^^^ LOL hahahah family drama hahaa
Sent by Avalon,Jul 30, 2011

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