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Please save snoofle...again

3rdDec 17, 2011 by snooflesmom
Ok, now that she's at work and can't yell at me for blogging too much, I just want to ask all of you to please go vote and save snoofle. (And I have learned that means you click vote on the other guy) Because see if she can win Stars, she will be very happy and merry, which means I will not have to buy her as much for Christmas, and she will be so appreciative of her dear old mom for helping her, she will buy me lots for Christmas!! Win-win!!! So, please vote to save her even tho I feel really bad for everyone that I'm asking you to vote against, but I don't have to be Santa for them. And...I would post a nifty link for you to go to the game, but I don't know how to do that and, again, she's at work and can't help me. But its up there on the top of the screen. :-)
"I'm gonna make her pop-u-lar!"


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Sent by Slice,Dec 17, 2011
Sent by xCelestex,Dec 17, 2011
Sent by dansterdan,Dec 17, 2011
hi mom
Sent by MickJagger,Dec 17, 2011
this is hysterical
Sent by DCSooner,Dec 17, 2011
Be my mom?
Sent by RiDsTeR,Dec 17, 2011
Be my mom?
Sent by Chemicalali,Dec 17, 2011
Sent by sammyforeverr94,Dec 17, 2011
Be my mom?
Sent by etaco75,Dec 17, 2011
Sent by Akomes,Dec 17, 2011
Be my mom? :P
Sent by ntakhar12,Dec 17, 2011
Be my mom?
Sent by rapboy,Dec 17, 2011
;D Saved Snoofle!
Sent by Pacer33,Dec 17, 2011
Sent by Etienne,Dec 17, 2011
Thank you all SO MUCH!!!
Sent by snooflesmom,Dec 17, 2011
Sent by Ribbons,Dec 18, 2011
aww! :)))
Sent by sameister,Dec 18, 2011

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