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#snooflesmomisnotdead Sep 11, 2015
OMG!! Look at me!! I'm so depressing! How did this happen??? My pretty hair, my beautiful gift wings...all gone! And I'm too old to figure out how to get it back!!
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Ugh! Apparently, I'm a skeleton # Sep 11, 2015
Hi! Just wanted to let snoofle know, I just sang Popular for karaoke!
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Go Ahead and Dedicate Your Life to The Cyberworld or Snoofle/Lexi/Alex Love. Jul 5, 2013
So I just spent the last hour looking at snoofle 's blogs. She cracks me up. I just have to say, I am so freaking proud of that girl!!!! She is such a different (happier) person now than she was as an early teen, and I cannot take much of the credit for getting her here. If not for all of her tengaged friends, who I did not know (except for Jacob playboyy ) at all, I don't know that she could have made it. She's not home now; she's at some lesbian convention in Pittsburgh, and I don't know that she will see this for a while. But I'm writing this for all of you who dedicate your lives to tengaged right now. Don't feel bad, don't feel stupid, don't feel like a may just be saving someone's life.
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Hello! I'm still alive! Jul 4, 2013
Hi everyone! Just wondered if anyone out there still remembers me...we'll see.
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The Moustache Jan 7, 2012
So, jaci and I were in Erie shopping today and Spencer's seemed to have a lot of moustaches. And by that, I don't mean men with moustaches, but many items with moustaches on them and/or in the shape of moustaches. Could anyone please tell me the significance of the moustache? And on a side note: I never thought that I would type the word moustaches this many times in one blog. Or really in my entire life. This is definitely the most I have ever used the word moustaches. Just sayin...
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I'm so proud of Snoofle!! Dec 18, 2011
and apparently, I am not allowed to post something on her blog, cause my computer acted funny when I tried I'll just post my own.
Her blog,
is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!  She makes me proud! I know it probably seems like I would have seen it before, but truly no, she is a teenager, and doesn't come out of her lair to tell me a lot of her business..and kicks me out when I annoy her, so she did not show it to me.  Hence, why I am on be a little involved in my daughter's life! hehe.
So, please vote for her to win!! It would make her so very happy, and I don't want her to be a bitch over Christmas break!
and, btw, if that link up there works when I post this, I am going to be so freaking I freaking won STARS!!
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