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The Moustache

Jan 7, 2012 by snooflesmom
So, jaci and I were in Erie shopping today and Spencer's seemed to have a lot of moustaches. And by that, I don't mean men with moustaches, but many items with moustaches on them and/or in the shape of moustaches. Could anyone please tell me the significance of the moustache? And on a side note: I never thought that I would type the word moustaches this many times in one blog. Or really in my entire life. This is definitely the most I have ever used the word moustaches. Just sayin...


Sent by nmh95,Jan 7, 2012
< 33333333333333 HAI!
Sent by _Aria,Jan 7, 2012
lol cool story
Sent by DCSooner,Jan 7, 2012
moustaches are funny :3
Sent by mantaray7,Jan 7, 2012
Sent by tyleror,Jan 7, 2012
is jaci your gf?
Sent by SweetBlossomrose1,Jan 7, 2012
Ok, seriously!?!?! What is up with the moustaches??? And what in the hell is a moustache party??? Ask your mom..
Sent by snooflesmom,Jan 7, 2012
You just wear moustaches I guess. It's nothing bad because like the lady whos throwing it has her daughters there and stuff i just dont get itttt
Sent by tyleror,Jan 7, 2012
Yes, jaci is my girlfriend. And it's pronounced Jackie..she's just extravagant!
Sent by snooflesmom,Jan 7, 2012
:D lmao yea i was pronoucing it jay-cee
Sent by SweetBlossomrose1,Jan 7, 2012
I thought maybe it was like a beard reference because the first moustache I noticed was rainbow...but then I saw them everywhere!! Maybe tomorrow I shall wear a moustache all day. And again..moustaches.
Sent by snooflesmom,Jan 7, 2012
why do they have so many mousttaches though! lol!!
Sent by SweetBlossomrose1,Jan 7, 2012
is the man with the brostache invited to this party?
Sent by RespectThePouch,Jun 1, 2012

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