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I'm so proud of Snoofle!!

19thDec 18, 2011 by snooflesmom
and apparently, I am not allowed to post something on her blog, cause my computer acted funny when I tried I'll just post my own.
Her blog,
is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!  She makes me proud! I know it probably seems like I would have seen it before, but truly no, she is a teenager, and doesn't come out of her lair to tell me a lot of her business..and kicks me out when I annoy her, so she did not show it to me.  Hence, why I am on be a little involved in my daughter's life! hehe.
So, please vote for her to win!! It would make her so very happy, and I don't want her to be a bitch over Christmas break!
and, btw, if that link up there works when I post this, I am going to be so freaking I freaking won STARS!!


Sent by snooflesmom,Dec 18, 2011
Sent by Clone,Dec 18, 2011
ILY mamma snoof
Sent by mahogany,Dec 18, 2011
Sent by ianfitz0012,Dec 19, 2011
mamma snoof :D xoxo
Sent by Pacer33,Dec 19, 2011
Sent by 14hukilc,Dec 19, 2011
I think Snoofle filtered you.
Sent by Qwerty3000,Dec 30, 2011

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