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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Old vs New.

1stFeb 15, 2010 by respectmyhustle
I'm talking about the castings of course.  I've been hearing mixed reviews since it came out.  They both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Personally I think randomize should have made this a new game and left the old castings alone for the people who have lives.  And have to work a lot or go to school.  Because what shot do they really have of winning games now?

But give me your opinions when it comes to old castings and these new ones which one do you like better....which one would you have preferred if you actually had an option.  Which side are you on?

Plus after going on a betting spree I'm currently broke as a joke so plus and comment and help me make me some moneys back! =)


Sent by mosher24,Feb 15, 2010
Sent by Sashaa,Feb 15, 2010
cause now even if you score well, you can get nominated over someone that got 0 in wof just cause of activity.

They should be separate
Sent by Amanyaman,Feb 15, 2010
Sent by BlairWaldorf,Feb 15, 2010
old old old old old
Sent by Scheuerman14,Feb 15, 2010
what I liked about the old castings was the algo, inactives were eliminated fairly early. However in the new system even with activity counting, inactives and sucky players get hauled even further into the game, and good players get booted early or have to be on top of their game the entire time. it kinda sucks
Sent by Knagaroo,Feb 15, 2010
lmfao yeah they should have both
Sent by vicious,Feb 15, 2010
+10 old
Sent by PortugalPauleta20,Feb 15, 2010
OMG please bring back the old

i hate only being able to play 1 survivor game w/o getting double digits in the other
Sent by randomkid22,Feb 15, 2010
Old! Yeah because they have rookies for a reason, for the active people, and they have castings, for more of a busy person.

Now busy people get penalized in Castings =/ what a fail!
Sent by middkid92,Feb 15, 2010
I like the only challenge based castings!!
Sent by Abrogate,Feb 15, 2010
I like the Old castings because i know exactly what i have to do to win. Now i cant lie about my score, and i have the constant paranoia of how many keys do other people have? what number do they have under their check? Is it higher than mine?

I dont like the fact that you can beat everyones score and still be nominated.
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Feb 15, 2010
i havent even played the new castings =/
so ima say old
Sent by mack3199,Feb 15, 2010
OLD! <3
Sent by GurlBai,Feb 15, 2010
OLD <3
Sent by Mynamescooler,Feb 15, 2010
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Feb 15, 2010
+8 :)
Sent by lindb,Feb 15, 2010
Meh...New is easier to control lmao

Sent by RobbieRIOT,Feb 16, 2010
I hate the new castings.
Sent by xUnox,Feb 16, 2010
+6 old old
Sent by WpwSers196,Feb 16, 2010
I love both +9
Sent by Ev32,Feb 16, 2010
i like the old ones better!
Sent by mikedistanz,Feb 16, 2010
old one is much better because of this whole change im probably quitting tengaged after my survivor and one Stars game.
Sent by vatcheabs,Feb 16, 2010
Old ones FTW
Sent by konohavillage1,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by brittyxx,Feb 16, 2010
old ftw
Sent by ChapStique,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Feb 16, 2010
old yup
Sent by Alexxandra,Feb 16, 2010
i like the old one. <333
Sent by Vendetta,Feb 16, 2010
I liked the old one better.
Sent by Rylee,Feb 16, 2010
The new casting is okay I guess. I love the keys, but I do not like that they show the scores that everyone got on the challenges.
Sent by Megan,Feb 16, 2010
I like them both, but I like your idea of having an option to choose either the old one or the new.  It is a lot more stressful now because of having to be on a lot to try to get keys.  I think giving people a choose between the old and new format would be amazing and would solve a lot of problems.
Sent by krisbliss,Feb 16, 2010
Old!  DX OLD OLD OLD!  I do like that you can see people's scores, but I think the option to see them should only be AFTER you've played the game.  Makes it easier for DOND.  Hate having to wait and look around for keys/apples which I NEVER find!
Sent by Kohana,Feb 16, 2010
i love the new one
Sent by Savcodushe,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by Pepper,Feb 16, 2010
Old old :p
Sent by MarkiePoo,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by BigBrotherFanGirl09,Feb 16, 2010
I know nothing about the new ones, but I liked the old ones...
Sent by Estebannn,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by dools,Feb 16, 2010
I love the new ones..
Sent by iBea,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by Holiday,Feb 16, 2010
Preferred original one, hated boring 2nd version and am liking latest version, just finishing the most amazing and dramatic game!!
Sent by trishytrash,Feb 16, 2010
Old was better ++++++
Sent by DayDreamer,Feb 16, 2010
I agree they should let people choose which version they want to play, some people can't (/don't want to, like me) be so active.
Sent by hollyvengeance,Feb 16, 2010
old :)
Sent by RiDsTeR,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by itsmeagain000,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by realityfreek,Feb 16, 2010
the old one was a lot simpler
Sent by wafflecone,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by GlamorousMess,Feb 16, 2010
The first ones were amazing and then went, and then we had the castings before, which I wasn't too fussed on, but then I began to start liking them and then randomize changed them so that we have these new ones now which aren't very good. :/
Bring back the old ones Please Randomize ! <3
Sent by LuvinLife123,Feb 16, 2010
Middle one
Sent by qwert2,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by Bowler23,Feb 16, 2010
i like both, but the new one is ..humm... more random!
Sent by dexterie,Feb 16, 2010
old! :)
Sent by Maggie,Feb 16, 2010
I liked the first casting, with the algo! The challenge castings suck.
Sent by Youssarian,Feb 16, 2010
new cause with new setup i won 5 castins old i won 0
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Feb 16, 2010
i personally hate the new castings. the old ones were def. the best. i like this new setup of them tho because it is basically them but with keys apples and challenges
Sent by Leblanct,Feb 16, 2010
Old x
Sent by SugarBone,Feb 16, 2010
I liked Algo-Casting best, but I like da current one mo' dan da old one w/ challenges.
Sent by mahogany,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by BAMitsAshley,Feb 16, 2010
Few things are still confusing but I guess the new castings a perfect blend of challenges + activity. it has balanced everything as I have seen so far.
Sent by imxrated93,Feb 16, 2010
New :']
Sent by joeyjones,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by JesseM,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by Danny7,Feb 16, 2010
eh old. new is confusing
Sent by gematria,Feb 16, 2010
deff old!
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Feb 16, 2010
Old! :)
Sent by Harkinson,Feb 16, 2010
the old one, but not the FIRST version. I prefer the one where you didnt need to be active, because i dont have time to sit on the computer, and wait for a fucking key or some stupid apple. Its really annoying xD i just wanna be able to go on, do a challenge, and just leave :p
Sent by tommyg,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by OliverPopsticle,Feb 16, 2010
I liked the old because they prepare you better for Tengaged.  Before the key/apple change, you have a bunch of newbies who thought they didn't have to be active to do well.
What did that give us?
A bunch of inactives joining Rookies and making it less fun.

But, I actually prefer the current setup because I am both active and I do decently in the challenges.

There should be a separation though.
Sent by realitynerd,Feb 16, 2010
old +3
Sent by Darius,Feb 16, 2010
I would like for both versions of castings to be available to us.
Sent by RidersDX,Feb 16, 2010
Next game will be a non-activity based game.
Sent by randomize,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by hephaestus,Feb 16, 2010
i liked the old one better, but having both would be nice
Sent by bunnycat,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by connorthomson,Feb 16, 2010
old! <3
Sent by Heathlalalovesyou,Feb 16, 2010
i'm going to say, go back to the original 20 person castings. lol
Sent by supergoten,Feb 16, 2010
iv only seen new lol
Sent by mybloodyvalentine,Feb 16, 2010
Haven't played new yet, but from the sound of it, old would suit me more.
Sent by Ekatherinna,Feb 16, 2010
OLD! +7
Sent by Admiral,Feb 16, 2010
old ones were much better!
Sent by girlkillsboy,Feb 16, 2010
i dont mind the new one, i got 1st place in my first new game.   but if i had the choice, id go back to the old way.
Sent by Steve_Ro,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by blogs,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by Akron,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by ZIMY,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by PhishDead,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by palkia1992,Feb 16, 2010
I think Old was more manageable, but I seem to be doing a lot better in the new ones since I'm not very good at the competitions, so I'd have to say new.
Sent by Spinach,Feb 16, 2010
The new ones are so much better. You can actually talk to people more in the majority of the new ones instead of the old one where people just logged on, voted, did the challenge and left without saying anything. :S
Sent by matthewthegenuis,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by snowskier121,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by pepsycola4,Feb 16, 2010
O L D !
Sent by Xotikzz,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by Dylamo,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by Fiona89,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by dreambabe01,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by pepsycola4,Feb 16, 2010
i just don't know.
Sent by curlicue,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by poked,Feb 16, 2010
Old the new is fun but old was better. Should be 2 separate games. It wouldn't hurt to have more than just 4 games to play on here.
Sent by soccerguy0428,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by Elliott,Feb 16, 2010
i like the old better. cuz i work allot and it sucks.
Sent by marebear111208,Feb 16, 2010
Sent by WpwSers196,Feb 16, 2010

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