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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Blondetourage vs Gurlbai

Nov 14, 2009 by respectmyhustle
You all know the drill....the two sides have going back and forth for months now.  Insults, cheap shots, reporting one another.  They've done whatever they could to get rid of the other.  Yet both sides still stand...the real question is which side are you on?

This is the part of the blog where I'm supposed to say something witty and make you all laugh but unfortunately I'm fresh out of haterade.  Drank the last of it earlier this will just have to do.

Blogging is such sweet sorrow
That I will be spam this bitch...till it be morrow!

Romeo & Juliet....The Tengaged Years!


plussed up
Sent by SurvivorDJ,Nov 14, 2009

post the most ghetto name u have ever heard-
Sent by Jguy726,Nov 14, 2009

Can you please plus this for me, I would be willing to plus anything yall have just sent it to me and I will plus it
Sent by SurvivorDJ,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Sassy003,Nov 14, 2009
+6 and wtf... are you babbling about?! xD
Sent by steviecamille,Nov 14, 2009
GurlBai FTW <33
Sent by Nicolette,Nov 14, 2009
Blondetourage since Im in it ;] <3
Sent by Luvmeandyou,Nov 14, 2009
dont you worry what i'm babling about!
Sent by respectmyhustle,Nov 14, 2009
i support gurlbai!!!
Sent by Megan,Nov 14, 2009
Tens tens across the board gurlbai gets all the applause kty this shudnt even be discussed because I am on my own, i dont need to form a group to be strong kty

Gurlbai was here
Sent by GurlBai,Nov 14, 2009
umm gurlbai lol
Sent by vicious,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by karim,Nov 14, 2009
+4 no offense to BT but I pick Gurlbai =) but then again, what would this site be without these groups and ppl? ;D
Sent by BigBrotherFanGirl09,Nov 14, 2009 is a toss up!
Sent by bb12orbust,Nov 14, 2009
I gotta go with Gurlbai cuz of all the T$ Ive won from those bets :)
Sent by Ev32,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by IAMSASHAFIERCE,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Cisco8709,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by BlueStar,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Matthew09,Nov 14, 2009
who is gurlbai?
I am in the BT but we dont know any1 named that. WTH?
Sent by Alexxandra,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by girlkillsboy,Nov 14, 2009
+++ :)
Sent by DayDreamer,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by MORKMINDY,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by AgentMaroon,Nov 14, 2009
plussed go gurlbai
Sent by thesuperawesomehobo,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Fiona89,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by rippyroo,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by smi9127,Nov 14, 2009
haha +10!!!
Sent by Maggie,Nov 14, 2009
I like them both :)
Sent by CutiePie,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Josh742,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by nasmay1,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Crystall,Nov 14, 2009
negged for spamming meeee
Sent by lemon5029,Nov 14, 2009
lemon doesn't like spam. 8(
Sent by AlohaLani,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Nov 14, 2009
I like both :)
Sent by DanVanDam,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Estebannn,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by supergoten,Nov 14, 2009
lmao aloha....i see that
Sent by respectmyhustle,Nov 14, 2009
plussed and well my feelings are known
Sent by skyy,Nov 14, 2009
bt forever. <3
Sent by Mankini,Nov 14, 2009
lol TheElite FTW!!!
Sent by Vendetta,Nov 14, 2009
i'm not really on either side since i don't know what's going on between them :P
Sent by bunnycat,Nov 14, 2009
yay drama =] haha! had to PLUS this one! Blondetourage?? How catchy of a name!
Sent by SexxiNess33,Nov 14, 2009
LOL  who os gurlbai alexx? hunney gurlbai is someone who stand on hes own two feet and like i said, i dont have to join in a group to be strong, your all a bunch of mess kty
Sent by GurlBai,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Javy9,Nov 14, 2009
I'm not gonna choose a side. lmfao
Sent by RidersDX,Nov 14, 2009
+8 gurl
Sent by krisbliss,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by PortugalPauleta20,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by william3,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by bigmike6192,Nov 14, 2009
plussed,please plus and comment mine!
Sent by dreambabe01,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Valentina,Nov 14, 2009
Blondetourage ftw
Sent by Gidd,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Alyssa95,Nov 14, 2009
Sent by Scheuerman14,Nov 14, 2009
i say blondetourage
Sent by Wallace030,Nov 15, 2009
Fuck Gurlbai
Sent by crzy2010,Nov 15, 2009

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