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:( Sep 14, 2012
girlkillsboy: Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what do you want?

respectmyhustle: You were right, I was a brain dead redneck asshole. Though I never screwed a sheep or my sister.

girlkillsboy: Why not, couldn't catch 'em?
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Just had to say Sep 14, 2012

you looking good in all those designs i bought you =/ lol
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Yeah Sep 14, 2012
after you change your name to lacuntabanita

oh wait your username is already bad enough...

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NEW FRAT Sep 6, 2012
We just made a new FRAT and we're looking for a couple of people to join up!

serious inquiries only. :)

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All good things.... Feb 27, 2010
Well I was just evicted in stars this morning.  What a crazy a deceitful game this was.  As much of a headache it gave me it was still fun.  By far my best stars of the three of I've played in and the end result showed it.  I busted my ass this entire game.  I think I played one of the best games in there.  But unfortunately trusted some of the wrong people and that was my ultimate downfall.

I lied,  I deceived,  And I did whatever it was I had to do to get as far as I did.  But that's what you seemingly gotta do in stars since it seems I always fucked over by friends.  Don't trust anybody.  If I learned nothing else in my last 2 stars games it would have to be that.

I would to thank DJ you were a big part in helping me turn this game around in my favor when I was targetted so heavily at the beginning.  And of course Amy.  We started talking day 1 in that game and I honestly thin you were the only one loyal to me the entire game and for that I hope you win this game.

All in all it was a fun game.  I turned the game around and pretty much had control for the most part.  Maybe I got too cocky.  Maybe I got too confident but it all came to bite me in the ass at then end and I came out in 5th instead of in the finals.  I'll just have to try harder next time I guess.  All good things must come to an end and unfortunately for me it was a bit abruptly.
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Nominated in stars. Feb 25, 2010
I have been playing this game from the start.  I was supposed to go up for 16th but was able to talk my way out out of it.  People have been gunning for me ever since but I've been able to make big moves to get where I am right now.

Last night I was lied too and that's why I'm up at the moment.  But I kind of expected it tbh.  Nobody wanted anyone to go though the game here we are.  I've never survived an eviction before but I'm hoping that will change.

I've been making big moves all game long and I will continue to do so if I stay in the game.  I think I deserve to be here.  And do whatever I can to make finals.  So all i can ask is you please save me.

All votes are greatly appreciatd.
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