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The more things change...

Nov 4, 2009 by respectmyhustle
Apparantly my message was never heard.  The more things change the more they just seem to stay the same.  I tried to rally everyone up in a miniscule attempt before to get you all to stop selling your newborn baby's for t's.  I know the economy is rough.  I know time's are tough but there's got to be a better way.  There's got to be an answer.  That answer you ask?

Bet on me.  I can bring you to prosperity.  I can bring you out of the gutter and back into the riches, The style of life you were once accustomed too.  All it takes is a little trust and I shall handle the rest.  A bet on me is a bet for a better life.  A bet on me and you can keep your babies.  Nourish them and raise them on your own.  No more selling them on your local street corner.  Just remember a bet on me is a bet on a better tengaged life! =)

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Sent by Patrick7893,Nov 4, 2009
lmfao +5
Sent by vicious,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by karim,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by GurlBai,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by IAMSASHAFIERCE,Nov 4, 2009
LOL +5
Sent by Ev32,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by Fiona89,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by Megan,Nov 4, 2009
+++ :)
Sent by DayDreamer,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by Alexxandra,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by Mielz,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by Hannahhh,Nov 4, 2009
lmfao you need help!
Sent by girlkillsboy,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by Babiiigurlll,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by xUnox,Nov 4, 2009
lol nice xD i bet on ur the other day tho... u owe me! =P
Sent by Vendetta,Nov 4, 2009
lmao i have a bet out on your current rookies!
Sent by respectmyhustle,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by NathanDamnit,Nov 4, 2009
gotta love the to the rest of you though =D
Sent by respectmyhustle,Nov 4, 2009
haters gonna hate
Sent by girlkillsboy,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by kaden_ryan_rox,Nov 4, 2009
still getting negged...gotta love all these haters
Sent by respectmyhustle,Nov 4, 2009
Sent by imxrated93,Nov 5, 2009
once again thanks to all the non haters out there...ya'll is awesome! lol
Sent by respectmyhustle,Nov 5, 2009
LOL!!!  +3
Sent by CarinosaCara,Nov 5, 2009
i keep seeing you in the hall of fame! wtf! lol =P
Sent by Vendetta,Nov 5, 2009
thats because i
Sent by respectmyhustle,Nov 5, 2009

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