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The third time really is a charm.

Oct 7, 2009 by respectmyhustle
So, the other day I just won a casting for the 3rd time.  This one was a little more special than the other ones just because I feel with the challenges it's a lot harder to make the finals than it used to be.  And not to mention I just honestly didn't see myself winning this one.

I was nominated on the final day and I all but expected that I was going to be voted out and finish 5th.  Not only did I not get voted out but I actually wound up winning the whole thing.  It was a great game though with a great group of people that made it fun the entire time.

Jules - You did freaking awesome for your first casting.  Was sad to see you nominated at the end with me which meant one of us had to finish 5th.  But you did great with your first game and I'm sure you'll be winning one if the very near future.

Reality -  You did pretty kick ass yourself and improved on your first game makng the final 4 this time.  Congrats on deserved it.

Ninja - You finished right behind me at #2.  Was glad I trusted you during thatgame because it obviously paid off in the end..and I wish you luck in the future.

Girlkillsboy - You're my ride or die bitch till the end...lmao.. I still dunno who fucked you over.  Cuz we had the votes to save you.  Sucks that you got screwed over...but as always...was fun playing with you.

That's it...was a great game and look forward to playing with all the rest of you of tengaged in the future.  Now if I only I could do at a damn rookies game...lmao...maybe one of these days.


Sent by girlkillsboy,Oct 7, 2009
congratulations dear!!!
Sent by Knagaroo,Oct 7, 2009
Sent by GurlBai,Oct 7, 2009
++++++ go to the top designs and plus my quagmire shirt plz! luv ya forever lol
Sent by Vendetta,Oct 7, 2009
Sent by Patrick7893,Oct 7, 2009
thanks all rawk!

besides the person that negged me of can just get the back of the long line of haters. ;D
Sent by respectmyhustle,Oct 7, 2009
Sent by Arizona,Oct 8, 2009
congrats nickers!!!!!!!
Sent by vicious,Oct 8, 2009
LOL ride or die bitch Love it <3
+ + +
Sent by IAMSASHAFIERCE,Oct 8, 2009
WEEEEEE lol I really hope i get to play with you again!  Thanks respect!  definitely plussssssssed :)
Sent by jsaugirl,Oct 8, 2009
Congrats sir <3 +++
Sent by hollyvengeance,Oct 8, 2009
Congrats! =]

Sent by imxrated93,Oct 8, 2009
Sent by RidersDX,Oct 8, 2009
haha lol same happened 2 me in my 1st castings
Sent by thesuperawesomehobo,Oct 8, 2009
Sent by pax911,Oct 8, 2009
Sent by BrawlKuriboh,Oct 8, 2009
Yes- you rocked and totally owned that game- with class!!!!  Congrats on the black by the way!!!!

Sent by ninja_bunny,Oct 27, 2009

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