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In these hard times...

Oct 19, 2009 by respectmyhustle
In these hard times t's are harder to come by than a $2 crack whore and let's face it those are hard to come by anymore.  People out selling they babies just to get some extra t's around here this day and age.  The economy has hurt us dearly.  What'S the resolution to this problem of ours?

It's quite simple actually just go bet on's a sure fire way to get some extra t's in those empty pocket's of yours.  A bet on you is a bet on prosperity. 

Don't sell babies.  Don't resort to slinging drugs on your local street corner.  You're above all that just bet on me and your wildest dreams will come true.

And yes this ridiculous rant has finally come to an end. =)

Sent by Risky,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by LaQuawnda,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by Scheuerman14,Oct 19, 2009
haha lmao!
Sent by girlkillsboy,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by Megan,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by NoelSarah,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by Daisy,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by GurlBai,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by Knagaroo,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by Alexxandra,Oct 19, 2009
wtf?! lol +ed. :D
Sent by steviecamille,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by Babiiigurlll,Oct 19, 2009
Sent by Emmaleigh,Oct 19, 2009
FINE......ill stop selling babies
and STOP being a ho :(
Sent by vicious,Oct 19, 2009
i would bet on you.. but i spent all my T's on buying ppls babys =/ maybe next time ++++++
Sent by Vendetta,Oct 19, 2009
lmfao vendetta... aww well atleast you were helping someone's cause!
Sent by respectmyhustle,Oct 20, 2009
lol agreed :D +8
Sent by AHezze,Oct 20, 2009
Geek. lmao
Sent by hollyvengeance,Oct 20, 2009
yep thats me.. always here to help =]. hehe <3
Sent by Vendetta,Oct 20, 2009
Sent by imxrated93,Oct 20, 2009
Sent by MelissaP,Oct 20, 2009
Sent by Fizzeray,Oct 20, 2009
Sent by Fiona89,Oct 20, 2009
Sent by nikki47,Oct 20, 2009
Me too!!!!
Sent by dav_o_79,Oct 20, 2009
Sent by Hannahhh,Oct 20, 2009
Sent by sharkskin,Oct 20, 2009
Sent by wall0999,Oct 20, 2009

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