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End scene in The Hunger Games part ii

Jul 6, 2010 by pablito

PrincessTeePee bared her teeth first. She took the dagger from behind her and went screaming at oleary91. But oleary91 had a surprise! He was hiding a switchblade in his pantsleg all this time. In one swift motion, he ducked down, grabbed the blade, switched it open and prepared for the one running at him. But he knew and he could anticipate actions. So he jumped.

All the while, phanne was confused. She conjured up the image of AlphaBravo in her head to figure out what to do. She couldn't anticipate all this, especially after she asked everyone to defy the nation and just stay still! Why are they attacking each other! But she already chose her destiny. And she regrets what she chose.

But they weren't, oleary91 landed right by phanne and was moving for his second bounce upward. And PrincessTeePee's sprint circled back toward phanne. She knew that they weren't attacking each other. She knew quite well that she was their target. She was the one to target. She was well-equipped after the sponsors kept getting her gifts. She had more health as she disarmed every single turn. She had that, except the bounty on her head.

She should've known that those two wouldn't stay still. Friends til the end, she thought. Should've known.

PrincessTeePee screamed in anguish! She thrusted the dagger as hard as she could against phanne, not gasping for air until she thrust the dagger at phanne.

phanne knew what she chose. But she didn't choose what she wanted. AlphaBravo let her know what was worthwhile. AlphaBravo told her the key to the game. "I will always protect you. I will always DEFEND you."

phanne was ready all this time. She regretted that she had to let them die by her hands. She had chosen DEFEND even though she wanted the others to disarm. And both of them chose to ATTACK phanne.

PrincessTeePee's dagger fell off her hands. phanne's strong defensive grip made PrincessTeePee's wrist lose strength. phanne's defensive attack took down PrincessTeePee and she put TP in a chokehold. And oleary91 was already mid attack. his switchblade was open and now was aimed at PrincessTeePee instead. phanne's defense worked. She outsmarted her two attackers and managed to get them to lose lives instead.

Both perished at her hands, er rather, AlphaBravo's final words perhaps. PrincessTeePee died by oleary's switchblade, and oleary91 landed on the TP's dagger.

phanne cried knowing she was able to take down Alpha's killers. And their unborn child as well...Jubbzy.

phanne remembered her last conversation with Alpha...
"I won't let you go and I'll protect you. If my words can't get to you, I'll have to let my heart talk instead."
"But, you're just a boy! With a misguided heart!"
"If only you've known how much I've loved you from afar..."

A tear fell from her eyes as the horns blared and the gamemakers swept her away and took her to safety and be crowned as the winner of the 69th Hunger Games. All the while, she heard nothing, she felt nothing, her heart was empty.

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I did NOT always choose defend, i just did when i found out they didn't wanna disarm.
Sent by phanne,Jul 6, 2010
i died
Sent by oleary91,Jul 6, 2010
And YAY!  I haven't won a group game in like over a year!
Sent by phanne,Jul 6, 2010
grats phanne!
Sent by oleary91,Jul 6, 2010

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