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Second day of The Hunger Games

Jun 28, 2010 by pablito
imageLittle did the players know that microphones pick up their every single word. Today we'll reveal some interesting conversations!

More at:

"Dem bitches ain't got nuffin on me. Dey don't know what it is livin like bein aroun people you don't like and having to deal with their shit. This arena better than home ye kno'? No one can beat me, true dat. *Walks out into arena with veto necklace and arms raised* Dat's right. Try me now."

"But I love you..."
"I barely even know you?"
"But I just know. You're the one for me!"
"We just met, how can I know this isn't an act?"
"Trust me it's not. I just want to be with you. I know this will be my last time living, and I don't want to die without having loved someone."
"I am not a slut and I am not falling for that pathetic virgin pick-up line."
"No! I don't mean that! Besides, the other girls do nothing for me."
"You should leave before I change my mind and decide to kill you."
"I truly do love you and I will follow you to the end of my life to ensure you know that I died loving you."
"Congrats, on that, but I think your life would be better wasted on hiding before the others get to you."
"I won't let you go and I'll protect you. If my words can't get to you, I'll have to let my heart talk instead."
"But, you're just a boy! With a misguided heart!"
"If only you've known how much I've loved you from afar..."

We also had three deaths!

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