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First day of The Hunger Games

Jun 27, 2010 by pablito
imageCue cameras to the opening scene of The Hunger Games. Before the games begin, players are reminded that they must eat or drink every 5 turns unless they want to die of starvation or hunger. Luckily for all players right now, they had a feast before the games and currently have a 6 for their thirst and hunger meters. When it gets to 0, uh oh, we have a death!

All 14 players are currently standing on their pods. They are not allowed to move before the games begin, unless they want to set off a trap. Players eye each other intently looking to see who is their biggest competition. Before in the training room, players were able to watch to see who are the biggest threats. Each took a mental note to see what abilities each other had, some had the ability to look hot, the ability to anticipate actions, or making alliances. However, only the last remaining ALIVE player will win. And with that, the 69th Hunger....





*blood and guts fly everywhere*


And we already have our first death!!!!

owee13 has spectacularly died in the most idiotic fashion ever! He stepped off before the games began and he splatters himself all over the other players!

13 players remain. Who will remain after Day 1? The TV feed will go blank for now...but the news highlights will update us later!

The viewing public can vote in the next poll now. The public gets to decide which space in the arena will become a danger zone and will no longer be safe to travel across!

arena map:


Sent by Circular,Jun 27, 2010
Might be second season.
Sent by pablito,Jun 27, 2010
Same wish I had known. One of my fave books of all time please have a second season.
I lolled at owee13
Sent by Endo360,Jun 28, 2010

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