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  1. i bought blood red.
  2. my new level!
  3. i'm going to prom.
  4. thank you betters.
  5. well,
  6. it's been one hell of a ride!
  7. nominated in all-stars.
  8. hooray!
  9. beeeeeeep.
  10. woot woot!
  11. i found this hilarious.
  12. seriously?
  13. omg.
  14. i is back.
  15. don't make brooke angry!
  16. thank youuuuu.
  17. stars 84, phew! *wipes forehead*
  18. phanne peed on a stick.
  19. what's going on in stars 84?
  20. most pathetic person ever.
  21. guess what?
  22. happy birthdayyyyy.
  23. want to know?
  24. list of importance.
  25. learning with kelly!
  26. oh,
  27. hey!
  28. since someone in my castings,
  29. wanted: boobs or cleavage!
  30. grr.
  31. my e-love drama!
  32. i think..
  33. sixteenth place ftw!
  34. when i first joined tengaged..
  35. yes! finally!
  36. who i like most on tengaged - the list.
  37. omg, i bought a new dog!
  38. i am..
  39. my avatar is evolving!
  40. all this started.

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i bought blood red. Dec 1, 2013
imagesuck it.
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my new level! May 30, 2013
imageNamed after my long-lost BFF, skyblue2005 :)

I had over 700T$ so what the hell? I bought it.

I hate you guys: cuuum, LizardWizard913, itspipez, MoreBeastThanYou AKA MoreBitchThanYou, brookie_cookie, BbDamian, dav_o_79, coolndcomfy, and BlueLagoon506.

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i'm going to prom. Feb 14, 2013
with brookie_cookie , should i be worried?

[1:10:50 AM] brookieee =]: will u go to prom with me
[1:11:30 AM] mikeydistanz: okkkkkkkkk
[1:11:33 AM] mikeydistanz: what color ru wearing
[1:11:42 AM] brookieee =]: HOT PINK
[1:12:15 AM] mikeydistanz: then thats what color tie im wearing
[1:12:18 AM] mikeydistanz: and underwear
[1:12:42 AM] brookieee =]: dont bother with the underwear. the tie yes....we will use that later!
[1:13:01 AM] mikeydistanz: LMFAO
[1:13:04 AM] mikeydistanz: socks?
[1:13:55 AM] brookieee =]: If you want to, honey.
[1:14:30 AM] brookieee =]: you need to bring 2 ties tbh. 1 to tie your arms to the bed and 1 to tie around your mouth.
[1:14:31 AM] brookieee =]: ok
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thank you betters. Feb 9, 2013


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well, Feb 8, 2013
imageThe original mikedistanz is back :)
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it's been one hell of a ride! Aug 4, 2010
but it has to come to an end.
On this, my 220th blog, I am leaving Tengaged :/

I wanted to write out this long, amazing blog but I honestly don't have the time except for a few words. I got a really good job offer and I work long hours, mix that with my social life and trying to go back to school, it doesn't work well for Tengaged.

Everyone I became friends with, it was for a reason. VIKKI, RYAN, DJ, so many more < 3
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