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Jun 1, 2010 by mikedistanz

by kelly_huyo 27 min ago
oooh england wheres that?

by kelly_huyo 26 min ago
yea im serious where's england?

by kelly_huyo 25 min ago
excuse me are u calling me dumb?

by kelly_huyo 24 min ago
U.K? are u talkin about ukraine or sumthing?

by kelly_huyo 22 min ago
anrtarica is actually called the north pole not england

by kelly_huyo 21 min ago
do u speak english there?

by kelly_huyo 20 min ago
because it start with eng so i thought u guys speak english or something

by kelly_huyo 19 min ago
indian is not a language dummy

by kelly_huyo 17 min ago
ohhhhhhh i found england ur on the other side of the world lol

by mikedistanz 16 min ago
Ok, so what do people in Japan speak?

by kelly_huyo 16 min ago
they speak chinese dummy

by kelly_huyo 10 min ago
i know they speak french in france they both start with f and italy i have to guess italian or italianes i knoiw no :S

by kelly_huyo 8 min ago
toyko is not a country lol

by kelly_huyo 8 min ago
im ovoiusly smart:P


england is in new england
Sent by DanielAllen,Jun 1, 2010
she's so fricken smart.
Sent by Mysteriousness,Jun 1, 2010
Sent by HollySandwich,Jun 1, 2010
LMFAO!!! i stalked that game for a while because holly told me about her xD... kelly, ive gotta play a game with you one day... seriously, itd be hours of endless fun.
Sent by davidcm1991,Jun 1, 2010
I don't think she's that dumb, I think she thinks it's cute.
Sent by PinkKitten,Jun 1, 2010
hehehe she can´t be serious :P
Sent by Nagorista,Jun 1, 2010
Haha! Bet shes puttin it on :/
Sent by William94,Jun 1, 2010
Sent by Umbert,Jun 1, 2010
LOL what a dumb bitch. Of course we speak english in ENGLAND where it was invented. :S
Sent by Balls,Jun 1, 2010
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Jun 1, 2010
why do u people think im dumb?:S
Sent by kelly_huyo,Jun 1, 2010
Sent by Patrick319,Jun 1, 2010
omg dumbest girl ill ever meet
Sent by kalyna_survivorfan,Jun 1, 2010
Yeah it's obviously an act she's putting on...
That's what I have to tell myself to stop from going into complete depression by thinking of how much of the world's population are idiots.
Sent by GarretStryker,Jun 1, 2010
He is freaking stupid.
Sent by dav_o_79,Jun 1, 2010
Sent by RitaBlankets,Jun 1, 2010

Sent by Beuchy,Jun 1, 2010
Sent by MarieEve,Jun 2, 2010
That's hilarious.
Sent by Dogdude84,Jun 3, 2010

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