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what's going on in stars 84?

3rdJun 23, 2010 by mikedistanz
Laura and I have been alligned with: coolndcomfy, girlkillsboy, jhaybiie, and Charming since the beginning. Our alliance members are disappearing and we have to lose one more :/

We made the mistake of targetting threats before floaters, and that was our only fault. We have been trying EXTREMELY hard day and night for our nominations to appear on the screen. The name of the game is FLOATING, though. So it's really difficult to get any help :/

The reason we're up?
I was behind the whole "Kez v Danny" scenario.
Laura was behind the whole "Jessica v Nasmay" scenario.

And of course, they're scared of us and nominated us together XD I don't care who you save cause we both deserve to be here and you know both of us will be kicking ass to the end :) Wish it was together, tho.

And thank you everyone who saves me! I appreciate it greatly!


if u like amarican idol or bigbrother
then i bet u wish there was a group game like both of them well there is sigh up plz in my new group game  BIG AMARICAN IDOL winner gets a gift!
Sent by randyater,Jun 23, 2010
GL Mike :/
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jun 23, 2010
Good luck hun <3
Sent by EnragedBeauty,Jun 23, 2010
please donate
Sent by mike56,Jun 23, 2010
Gl to both of ya
Sent by Kmyster5610,Jun 23, 2010
i voted lonlee  for ya
Sent by mike56,Jun 23, 2010
+10 Good luck! (:
Sent by ZEEnon,Jun 23, 2010
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Jun 23, 2010
<3 good luck to both of you.
Sent by coreypanda,Jun 23, 2010
good luck<3 ily
Sent by lonlee,Jun 23, 2010
Good luck big guy :D
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Jun 23, 2010
wow.... I knew it. :/ a bitta honesty after I was out woulda been nice tho Laura.
Sent by BlueStar,Jun 24, 2010
Sent by PinkKitten,Jun 24, 2010
I <3 Mike
Sent by Aristotle,Jun 24, 2010
+8 because its you
but imma rage neg lonlee's blogs cuz she put jessica up
Sent by OliverPopsticle,Jun 24, 2010
takin my advice eh? no attacks towards their gameplay o:. lol jk.
Sent by JamesM,Jun 24, 2010
LOL im not gonna be as mean anymore james :P
Sent by mikedistanz,Jun 24, 2010
Sent by DavidVegemite,Jun 24, 2010

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