Big Brother and online Hunger games.

since someone in my castings,

2ndMay 25, 2010 by mikedistanz
is an asshole, im leaving tengaged early for my vacation :)
be back in june! ,
please evict biodick at your earliest convienience ;)


I love you, have fun on your vacation!!!
Sent by dav_o_79,May 25, 2010
:O ur leaving?
Sent by QueenLibra,May 25, 2010
bye mikey!
Sent by Savcodushe,May 25, 2010
Sent by PinkKitten,May 25, 2010
enjoooooy your mom's house!
Sent by coolndcomfy,May 25, 2010
ewwww don't leave me =( At least take me with... kthnx
Sent by EnragedBeauty,May 25, 2010
have a fun vacation michael.  :)
Sent by Abrogate,May 25, 2010
+10 he's a total douche.
Sent by BbDamian,May 25, 2010
ILY <33333
Sent by BlueLagoon506,May 25, 2010
BioDork is a key-whore, it's like impossible. :|
Sent by Spinach,May 25, 2010
Hey, my comment has to do with your survivor blog Cause I missed most of the argumentat the time lol

Anyways, If survivor was just about the weaker players alwaysbeen evicted over the stronger players, why would they're even be a vote ;D Theres nothing wrong with weaker players playing the game to stay lol

So don't think you have more of a right than them.

Anyways, have a good vacation, you're a nice lad
Sent by Cosgrove,May 25, 2010
Argument at*

It's late in my defence
Sent by Cosgrove,May 25, 2010
have fun <3
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,May 25, 2010
Sent by Beuchy,May 25, 2010!!!!!!<<<333
Sent by swizza_vei,May 25, 2010
Sent by MarieEve,May 26, 2010
MICHAEL WTF! ha ok have fun :D
Sent by andychuck08,May 26, 2010
Sent by william3,May 26, 2010
awee! have a great vacation!!
Sent by x0Lani,May 26, 2010
oh and cosgrove in the tense you're using its *there not they're
yerr welcome *winks
Sent by x0Lani,May 26, 2010
Thanks Lani lol
There, their and they're Have always been my downfall
Sent by Cosgrove,May 26, 2010
no mikey :(
Sent by karim,May 26, 2010
enjoy joeys mum house
Sent by DavidVegemite,May 26, 2010
i lobr you <3
Sent by MattyBB9,May 26, 2010
Sent by justice20091,May 26, 2010

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