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nominated in all-stars.

3rdJul 29, 2010 by mikedistanz
imageStory time!

I've been playing quite a good game I believe, especially for an All-Stars game and managed to stray away from the block once or twice. My nominations have been right almost every time and it's no secret I was pushing for the obvious Chez/Noel noms. It's just the smart thing to do. But I know who put me up and they've been playing both sides since the beginning.

You all know I'm gonna keep fighting to stay alive in there, I just need your help. I ask that you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not vote to evict me based on POPULARITY. I know NoelSarah is super nice and a legend around these parts but I believe saving me will result in things turning around and this game will definitely be worth watching ;)

Love you guys and thanks for the support!


Sent by brookie_cookie,Jul 29, 2010
I saved you
Sent by The_Domany,Jul 29, 2010
saved u <3333333
Sent by pok3rf4ce,Jul 29, 2010
Brookie is spamming for you on skype...

Sent by Mankini,Jul 29, 2010
good luck.
Sent by Megan,Jul 29, 2010

+9 :)
Sent by Etienne,Jul 29, 2010
+9 Saved you!!!  :)
Sent by gucci911,Jul 29, 2010
i def saved youuuuu.
Sent by coolndcomfy,Jul 29, 2010
what its that supposed to mean.. ? u dont love me anymore? :(
never did sumfin bad to you :(
Sent by Lexxu,Jul 29, 2010
good luck big boy
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 29, 2010
ummm what did i tell u yesterday on skype.. i couldnt wait to evict u from stars so i did... j/k u know i could never evict u :S
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jul 29, 2010
GL hun <3
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Jul 29, 2010
gl buddy.. you know i'm pulling for you!
Sent by PackingCub,Jul 29, 2010
hi. ily <3
Sent by MattyBB9,Jul 29, 2010
Sent by EnragedBeauty,Jul 29, 2010
Sent by GurlBai,Jul 29, 2010
+11 yay.
Sent by ZEEnon,Jul 29, 2010
Sent by MarieEve,Jul 29, 2010
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Sent by gxvgxv94,Jul 29, 2010
(+) this blog
Sent by Sniper1,Jul 29, 2010

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