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stars 84, phew! *wipes forehead*

1stJun 26, 2010 by mikedistanz
imageWell, this might be long, but worth reading. Just a warning :P

I walked into Stars 84 and looking at the cast, I automatically predicted another 16th. Fortunately, there were a few people on my side; some who I was surprised of. Day one was EXTREMELY quiet for a Stars game so The_Domany started a skype chat of which we thought was majority. That quickly faded into a mess. The nominees going around were: The_Domany vs coolndcomfy, me vs coolndcomfy, The_Domany vs KingMac. To this day, I still don’t know how everyone voted. I obviously couldn’t nominate myself or my best friend.

From there, I was losing a possible ally so I talked to a certain group of people the most: lonlee, girlkillsboy, jhaybiie and Charming. We formed an alliance and noticed that we needed more numbers since the group of Mac followers grew overnight. The biggest threats from that alliance were danny and BlueStar. I did EVERYTHING in my power to make sure we got the numbers and we did with the help of floaters (who knows who since there was so many of them). When I went up for 14th, I realized a lot. I called everyone out and everyone hid behind Mac, especially Riders who NEVER spoke in Stars again until he was nominated :P

Of course, I continued going up and the target on my back grew bigger. I kept my allies close, still in the minority, and offered a few members of the opposing alliance A LOT. Nasmay, Danny and Kono each flipped on their alliance once or twice, but ran back as soon as people became suspicious. The only people who stayed true to their alliance were: JessicaFaith, RidersDX and KingMac. My alliance stayed loyal for as long as each of them were in the game (as far as I know).

To the people who hate flavors: I know exactly how you feel. I don't prefer flavors either, unless they are REALLY good friends of mine. I hate the fact that some people rely on being a flavor. I just want you all to know that I fought and clawed my way through this game and didn't rely on anything or anyone but myself and my best allies. Even when I was kicked down, I did my best and never gave up. I'm glad I managed to pull through, with your help. Thank you guys for everything!

I would love it if you thought about voting for me to win Stars 84 @ day change. If you don't want to vote for me, please vote for Charming/girlkillsboy. They deserve a lot of credit too because they worked hard. Good luck Charming/Shauna and best of luck to you too, Riders!

This is for: DJ, LAURA, JHAY <3


Didnt reaad it but +8
Sent by _maffew,Jun 26, 2010
Good luck :)
Sent by JessicaFaith,Jun 26, 2010
Did read and +9
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 26, 2010
I love you<33 It was hard work this stars. Me and you always seem to fail in stars together but this time i'm so happy to see that one of us went on to the end! You know i support you right to the end<3 Thanks for everything stars was nothing with out me and you in the chat together :P
Sent by lonlee,Jun 26, 2010
you've done amazing, wtg :) +8
Sent by LostnGreece,Jun 26, 2010
+9 YAY!!!
Sent by WpwSers196,Jun 26, 2010
i would like a "p.s. if i win i dedicate it to rhyss because we decided to play start together but he doesnt know how to click fast enough"

Sent by rhyss,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by bradd156,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by sam_cutie567,Jun 26, 2010
Oh I love the dedication
those are all of mah friends too, love ya mike
Sent by sam_cutie567,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by jhaybiie,Jun 26, 2010
you will win forsure you sexy fatass mike :)
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Jun 26, 2010
go mike!!
Sent by Blizzard,Jun 26, 2010
grats on finals <3333
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jun 26, 2010
Good Luck!! :)
Sent by Brandy926,Jun 26, 2010
plussed :) congratulations and you have my vote in the finals.
Sent by funnylookinkid,Jun 26, 2010
Congrats for the final, well played <3
Sent by trishytrash,Jun 26, 2010
Will vote 4 u!
Sent by vockle9,Jun 26, 2010
voting for you!
good luck darlin :)
Sent by ambermansell,Jun 26, 2010
G'Luck my friend! =]

Sent by imxrated93,Jun 26, 2010
WOOO good luck!!!!

I'll be rooting for you <333333
Sent by MattyBB9,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by Aristotle,Jun 26, 2010
Mike ftw
Sent by markuskaus,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by LFCSTEVENGERRARD08,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by dexterie,Jun 26, 2010
plussed man.
Sent by respectmyhustle,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by Etienne,Jun 26, 2010
Good luck mike!
I'm rooting for you all the way!
+9 <3
Sent by tinabeena,Jun 26, 2010
Congrats :D
Sent by LemonLime,Jun 26, 2010
Good luck Mike!
Sent by Diva1,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by Coin,Jun 26, 2010
Good Luck Mike!
Sent by Villain,Jun 26, 2010
+8 Good LUCK!!!!!
Sent by JoeMoe,Jun 26, 2010
GJ :,)
Sent by tennisallstar94,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by analieghbrie,Jun 26, 2010
+8 Well played!  I hope you win!!!
Sent by gucci911,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by 2008girl,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by TooFrezhx0,Jun 26, 2010
You have done awesome :D Very inspiring :P
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Jun 26, 2010
good luck
Sent by girlracer265,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by Robbster1313,Jun 26, 2010
ily, gl in stars <3
Sent by Mankini,Jun 26, 2010
honeybee <3
Sent by karim,Jun 26, 2010
luvs u
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by BlairWaldorf,Jun 26, 2010
congrats and good luck
Sent by cynbitch,Jun 26, 2010
mike ftw
Sent by Savcodushe,Jun 26, 2010
mike ftw
Sent by Savcodushe,Jun 26, 2010
u always do a great job mikey <3
Sent by piscesgirl,Jun 26, 2010
Plussed! <333

G'luck! :)
Sent by TheEternalGX,Jun 26, 2010
Good Luckkk.!
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 26, 2010
Good luck mikey!!!
Sent by EnragedBeauty,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by dools,Jun 26, 2010
Sent by arnoldo,Jun 26, 2010
gl bro
Sent by Holder,Jun 26, 2010
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by WillyEx,Jun 26, 2010
good luck mike<3
Sent by ChapStique,Jun 26, 2010
bark bark.
Sent by skyblue2005,Jun 26, 2010
consider yourself special bc I ignored every other spam today... and every other day lol. btw congrats :)
Sent by skyblue2005,Jun 26, 2010
goodluck i voted for you.
Sent by KatieM,Jun 26, 2010
goodluck :)
Sent by SallyLucy,Jun 26, 2010
+11 good luck!
Sent by randomkid22,Jun 26, 2010
Good luck!!
Sent by Brandy926,Jun 26, 2010
i voted for you ... good luck :)
Sent by x0Lani,Jun 26, 2010
Good Luck, voted for you  ♥♥♥
Sent by Gemini,Jun 27, 2010
+10 you best win bro
Sent by Bradz,Jun 27, 2010
voted u!
Sent by tannerandkaleb,Jun 27, 2010

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