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just me or... Jan 31, 2021
do some of you sometimes go to the profile page of a top/new blog's writer and try to find your way back to your profile, just from their friend's list? idk, i thought it was just me but i'm now convinced i've never had an original thought. (i saw that one tiktok where people would look at things hanging from the ceiling in church and figure out who would get crushed if it happened to fall, just like i used to when i had no idea what was going on lol)
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new job!! Jan 30, 2021
i finally finished my first full week of my job! for those of you who don’t know, i recently got a job as a cashier in my town’s small grocery store. i love the work but standing for 4-9 hours (depending on the shift) is literal hell lol.

how has everyone been? i hope your all doing well! ❤️
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first page friend thing! Jan 27, 2021
i know no one wants to see another one of these, but i think they are fun to do! (even though the last few get a bit... racy lol) was a bit lazy and didn't do this yesterday, but i figured i'd do it before bed!

How did you and your #1 meet?
i met valgarfield during a casting at the beginning of quarantine! val is definitely one of the (if not the most) genuine person i've met on here. i love talking to her and she's such an awesome person. definitely deserving of the #1 spot! ❤️

What makes #2 so Special?
becksta20 is special because she's so sweet. i'd be surprised if beck had a bad word to say about anyone. she can definitely make a friend out of anyone, and i'm glad to call her one! (apparently, you can call her a psychic too. you blogged right as i was making yours!)

If you could give some life advice to #3, what would you say?
oh, my advice for franzella? whatever happens, stay true to yourself! your awesome and regardless of whatever happens, i'll always be here for you and i know others will be too. we love you because you're you, and nothing could change that! 💖

Describe your love for #4 in 3 words
my love for barbrastreisand in three words... forever final 2! (we NEED to play frookies again ASAP!) ❤️

Share some great memories that you have with #5
all the frooks with haych90 a few months back! we'd (usually) always have an f2 but rarely made it there, but that's what made the ones we did make even greater!

Which Celebrity does #6 remind you of?
zeptis (jk, zeppy is a celebrity in his own right)

Would you Marry, Fuck, or Kill #7?
i'd totally marry alexclow345! alex was the first person i really had a chance to talk to on here (apologizes for the clueless mails early on!) and i definitely wouldn't have kept playing without his help. i appreciate you letting me annoy the hell out of you! 🥰

Do you think you and #8 would make cute babies?
of course, have y'all seen heavenlee? 😚

If #9 was an animal, what would it be and why?
cheritaisdelicious would be an otter! your very nurturing and fun but you can also be feisty when you need to be! 🦦

Share an awkward moment between you and #10
so many diarrhea blogs brookie_cookie LMAO. but besides those, i really don't think we've had an awkward moment!

Describe your relationship with #11 using a song title
there isn't any another tengager i've been through more chaos with than raiden. we've definitely been through a lot, so i'm going to go with "team" by lorde! 😄

How well do you know #12
i met ilovelarry through some mutual friends, and i'm glad i did! i'd love to get to know you better though! (also your music game is the best i've ever placed in one of those so we're practically besties just because of that 😉)

Would you bottom #13?
Ace99 probably not. nothing to do with noah, but i'm straight and i'm pretty sure he is old enough to be my dad. (not saying your old, i'm just definitely too young lmao)

Is #14 a slut or a prude?
fromawindow is definitely a slut. (in the best way possible obviously 😉)

If you and #15 were stuck on an island for a month, do you think you'll end up having sex?
nope. imjustjake is my identical twin brother (if you guys didn't know) so that definitely will NOT be happening.
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collectables blog! Dec 26, 2020
hide/get your goodies here! >:)
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