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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

stars 715: nominated for 14th (vlog)

2ndJul 25, 2022 by joshgillespie
hello tengaged, long time no see! (lol) this has probably been the most mind-numbing, frustrating game i have ever played LMAO. sets aren't finalized/decided on till minutes before d/c, which isn't an issue until it's 4 am and no one is willing to talk game or counter sets with you! alas, i have hit the block and would appreciate your support in the polls.

i'm not going to make open-ended promises to you, but i will go back and play to the best of my ability with your support! i appreciate all the kind messages and support i've received over the last couple of days, i hope to prove to you all how much i'd love to continue in this game.

here's a quick vlog for you guys! i am so tired so please excuse how i look/sound/speak lol

best of luck noelle, i genuinely wish you the best of luck! ❤️


Goodluck sweet Josh❤️
Sent by Kaylabby,Jul 25, 2022
good luck ♡
Sent by Heavenlee,Jul 25, 2022
Good luck King!
Sent by MrRobzilla,Jul 25, 2022
Sent by nothingbutrouble,Jul 25, 2022
Good luck Josh <3
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jul 25, 2022
Sent by brunodrads,Jul 25, 2022
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Jul 25, 2022
Good luck!!💜
Sent by Lynn12,Jul 25, 2022
uwu <3
Sent by FarManu,Jul 25, 2022
Sent by cotbey,Jul 25, 2022
I always pronounced it Josh-Gillies-Pie
Sent by smi9127,Jul 25, 2022
All the best <3
Sent by mddarwisyyy,Jul 25, 2022

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