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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

stars 767: taking my time!

10thJul 26, 2023 by joshgillespie
image nicolef you are free to not like me because i beat you in a poll or made a comment after you talked about me in your own blog, but calling me a toxic asshole is just dramatic. we've never talked, you have no idea who i am, and i don't appreciate you acting like you weren't wanting to work together or viewed me as some horrible person all this time. i've not done anything towards you or anyone in this cast to be called those things, and i'd just appreciate you separating a game from who i am as an individual. it's just a game, but i never made any decisions because of how awful of a person i am or how horrible of a personality i have. i'm not spamming people to survive in a poll nor am i publically begging in servers or chats. it's just a game, and i'm actually treating it that way. my life will not change in the slightest whether or not i win this game or not. please don't blog about me like you have ANY idea who i am. thanks!


Fake screenshot and what psychopath uses light mode on discord…
Sent by NicoleF,Jul 26, 2023
nicolef if you're going to call the chat fake, you should probably also delete it LMAO
Sent by joshgillespie,Jul 26, 2023

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