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international travel tips?

Aug 11, 2023 by joshgillespie
i was fortunate enough to win a national study-abroad scholarship which will allow me to actually be able to study abroad this upcoming spring semester (there is absolutely no way i could have afforded it otherwise), i'll be living and studying in italy for four months!! while i'm incredibly gracious and excited, i'm also overwhelmed with all of the things i need to arrange and prepare for. does anyone have any tips/suggestions for things to do before i leave in late january?

i just got my passport in the mail, but other than that, i haven't done anything other than university stuff to prepare. (money? phone plan?? i need insurance?? help!) thank you for the help if you have anything to suggest!! i'm SO excited!


i can't help bc i'm in the same boat as you (would never have been able to afford it, also did half of college during covid lol) but that's amazing!! congrats! :))
Sent by ILoveLarry,Aug 11, 2023

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