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ciao for now tengaged :) Jan 29, 2024
i'm sitting at the gate for my flight to italy, so i probably won't be playing many (if any) games for the next few months. keep in touch with my socials listed on my profile!! i might hop on every now and then and post a few pictures.

take care of yourselves! <3
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castings Jan 25, 2024
may be my favorite game, but long castings make me want to die a little!!

this was such a fun game... but getting 13th with 4 apples is kind of crazy!
(maybe not as crazy as 15 keys moup94 omg?)

Zeptis 2 days 1 hour ago
Shoutout to Joshgilliespie for was taken from us too soon <3
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unrelated survivor trivia Jan 17, 2024
imagedid you know nick wilson (kentucky state representative and castaway on survivor david vs. goliath and another season i won't name) JUST ATTEMPTED TO SPONSOR A BILL THAT ALLOWS YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH YOUR FIRST COUSIN WITHOUT IT BEING CONSIDERED INCEST LEGALLY???

he withdrew house bill 269 today after receiving a surprising amount of backlash from his republican supporters and blamed it on a word processor error!!!!

i love living in kentucky!! share your unknown trivia down below! 馃榾
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uhmm Jan 7, 2024

why am i unironically streaming HELP
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no title Dec 11, 2023
imagecharisma uniqueness nerve and talent
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finals are over! Dec 8, 2023
real life footage of me moving out of my dorm and finally being done with the semester from hell:

(p.s. how did i make this account during junior year of high school and i'm about to start my last year of undergrad next fall? feels unreal WAAAAAAA)
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