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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is ( ˶˘ ³˘(⋆❛ ہ ❛⋆)!♡ Franzelina ♡
Some lovely things people have said about me...
‣ "it's true franzella is a FRAUD #fraudzella"
‣ "Franzella you're legit a bitch!"
‣ "Franzella is the biggest bitch on all of tengaged. Never trust that skank"
‣ “The villain of game 213487: Fuckzella"
‣ "we should pour a bucket of water on your torch and you and then see if you melt in the process"
‣ "Fran? I know you are a sneaky bitch. You are playing the sheep, but I know you are part wolf, or at least so you think. In actuality, you are a sheep on the outside, but nothing but a toothless newborn beagle pup on the inside."
‣ "I don't give a fuck. for someone who is supposed to be my friend I'm not impressed wit your behaviour... Ya know what you've shown your true colours to me and I don't like them. So I'd be very happy to never hear from you again tbh"
‣ "franzella is an ugly giant-foreheaded pig alien bitch. i think she should be nominated next!"
‣ "Honestly now because of you I have a new appreciation for ms franzel, was so up and down with her before but she's been pushed in my face so much that I now am kinda obsessed"
🤍 Anya Taylor-Joy
🤎 Brie Larson
💚 Dakota Johnson
🖤 Diana Silvers
💙 Dianna Agron
💖 Kirsten Dunst
❤️ Sadie Sink
💜 Sophie Turner
🧡 Yalitza Aparicio
💛 Zendaya

My Games 52 games played

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2 Dec, 21
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1 Dec, 21
29 Nov, 21
25 Nov, 21
13 Nov, 21
7 Nov, 21
30 Oct, 21

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  1. bamold1999 said: ..Suddenly I have 7 new people I hate..

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  15. franzella bet on Midiaw 22T$ in game #216064 4 days