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  1. So, Have not been on much, and her name is Katie.
  2. To anyone with Bipolar
  3. Getting a birthday blog together
  4. Merry Christmas To all and to all a good night.
  5. I am leaving.
  6. No title
  7. No title
  8. So I have been gone for two days, let the drama..
  9. Four months and a Maybe Fiance
  10. So Counting the days till Ella gets here? lol.
  11. Being an adult sucks sometimes.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  13. Stars support
  14. Doing my one and only 700th game Charity.
  15. Not everything is rainbows and sunshine.
  16. Letting yourself be vulnerable can be very..
  17. 3 months down and a million more to go
  18. Twas the night before surgery, and all threw the..
  19. When some trash multie runs there mouth?
  20. Stars support
  21. Halo, cause babe your mine.
  22. Thinking of doing my one and only Charity game?..
  23. when someone lets you in and it changes you?
  24. No title
  25. Stars support
  26. Ella, my love.
  27. A big shout out to all my friends.
  28. When everyone is on tg Bashing another and I'm
  29. Stars support
  30. About as straight at a motherfucking circle...
  31. Lets make amends.
  32. My Princess.
  33. Someone in shops post a back ground please?
  34. Tomorrow is 2 months for us.
  35. Missing my Girlfriend.
  36. SO its been 50 Days and were still going strong.
  37. Am I the only one?
  38. And again I find out the hard way that there are..
  39. Sorry Gabs, My fault you did shit in your comp.
  40. So instead of ruining things, I'm going to face..

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Any one else having problems doing the comps on fire fox? Sep 17, 2017
Just wondering if anyone else is having issues. My fire fox is updated. Can do them but they dont save. They save at 0. and its pissing me off. My comp is a year old so doubt its that.
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plus for plus. spam me back or ask be to vote? Sep 14, 2017
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So, I kinda feel like a fuck up on here and all I ever do is make things worse. Sep 3, 2017
I feel like all i do is fight with people and thats not how i want things to go.
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Can you? Aug 26, 2017
imageI challenge anyone who reads this to post a positive thing about there biggest enemy on this site. Think about it. Spread Positive messages. Just one thing.
Points: 83 7 comments
want a few background to go to auction please? something fall? Aug 16, 2017
I would love a fall back ground to go to auction please? not halloween but fall.
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have i ever Aug 14, 2017
Been Drunk: yes
Had sex: umm married lol
Cried Myself to Sleep: yes
Self harmed: yes
Felt lonely: yes
Been depressed: Yes
Smoked: No

Real name: Heather
Age: 34
Birthday: 6/30
Relationship status: married
Biggest fear: loosing my son
Dream Job: chef
Dream Car: any thing i can run your ass over with when shit hits the fan

Height: five foot three ish
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Fav type of music: country
Fav meal: mashed potatoes

Like someone: depends on the day
Love someone: Yes alsways
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No
Want a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes
Have a tattoo: yes- Husbands name on left arm
Have a piercing:ears
Party: once a year

Artist: hmm reba
Movie: Dawn of the dead
Song: forever and ever amen-my wedding son
TV series: Walking Dead
Animal: All
Book: any thing by shayla black
Color: Blue
Tengager:hmm I adore a few
Filterred user:yes- Cant stand racist people
Coke or Pepsi: cherry pepsi
Tea or Coffee: iced coffee
Tacos or Pizza: Pizza
Winter or summer: Summer

Get married: Yes
Go skydiving: Yes
Have Kids: have one want one more
Swim with sharks: mayby- how much am i being paid and how many life insurance policys do i have?
Eat rotten food:never say never
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