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  1. WTF? I'm not about to ...... BUT
  2. so check out this..
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  4. When an ex is desperate......
  5. weigh loss, yay.
  6. Stars support, sorry im late.
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  10. So, Have not been on much, and her name is Katie.
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  13. Merry Christmas To all and to all a good night.
  14. I am leaving.
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  16. No title
  17. So I have been gone for two days, let the drama..
  18. Four months and a Maybe Fiance
  19. So Counting the days till Ella gets here? lol.
  20. Being an adult sucks sometimes.
  21. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  22. Stars support
  23. Doing my one and only 700th game Charity.
  24. Not everything is rainbows and sunshine.
  25. Letting yourself be vulnerable can be very..
  26. 3 months down and a million more to go
  27. Twas the night before surgery, and all threw the..
  28. When some trash multie runs there mouth?
  29. Stars support
  30. Halo, cause babe your mine.
  31. Thinking of doing my one and only Charity game?..
  32. when someone lets you in and it changes you?
  33. No title
  34. Stars support
  35. Ella, my love.
  36. A big shout out to all my friends.
  37. When everyone is on tg Bashing another and I'm
  38. Stars support
  39. About as straight at a motherfucking circle...
  40. Lets make amends.

Love, life is too short to not to.

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WTF? I'm not about to ...... BUT Aug 4, 2019
imageNo fucktard you are going to so either don't do it. or do it and be you. Either stand up for what you believe or shut the fuck up and go back to your basement.
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so check out this game.https://tengaged.com/game/194948 Jul 27, 2019
Mini is making a joke out of being trans and trashy Tara is egging him on. How sad.
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Dont Forget..... Jun 1, 2019

Show your true colors. Be proud of who you are. If your gay, be proud. If your straight, be proud. If you dont have a gosh damn clue, be proud. Don't let others steal your rainbow. Own the bitch.

Happy Pride, love you all.
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When an ex is desperate...... May 29, 2019
imageFor attention they tend to try to start shit. So as far as what Ella has on me or does not have on me I don't care. I know she can release some shit in regards to my childhood that I told her, possible some pictures, and maybe a few other things. So let me release it before she can being as I am not ashamed of it nor am I scared.

Yes she can tell you all that I had a shit childhood and that I was a victim of some child hood trauma. I never hid that. I am not proud of it but it was not my fault. I was also a victim of domestic violence. Its time that people like me stop being afraid that others are going to find out and think different of them. I myself have dealt with this in the past. I have felt less then, as if I did not belong. As if others found out that they would deem me broken, defective, or not worthy of the title human. I struggle with it from time to time.

On to the pictures. Well I am not quite sure what I sent. If someone wants to look go ahead. I'm sorry. It's not my fault if you get mentally scared from them lol. I thought I could trust her.

I too could release some shit on her but I wont. The things she told me and the things we went threw together were personal. I refuse to spread things that she told me simply because there not my demons to release. What I will do is pray for her. Pray that she finds some peace as I know she deserves it. I will also pray for her sobriety because I know that the Ella I knew is not the Ella I am seeing now. Then again maybe this is the true Ella and I just seen a better version of her as the true one because I cared for her. Love threw rose colored glasses or such.

On that note, if anyone needs to talk because they too went threw some shit, I'm here.
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weigh loss, yay. May 27, 2019
So update on my weight loss, down to 255ish. Started at 348. Will post picture soon.
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Stars support, sorry im late. Apr 7, 2019
image bamold1999 countrysavage.

Good luck. Best wishes.
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