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  1. So who knew being with a woman was so much..
  2. So, Have not been on much, and her name is Katie.
  3. To anyone with Bipolar
  4. Getting a birthday blog together
  5. Merry Christmas To all and to all a good night.
  6. I am leaving.
  7. No title
  8. No title
  9. So I have been gone for two days, let the drama..
  10. Four months and a Maybe Fiance
  11. So Counting the days till Ella gets here? lol.
  12. Being an adult sucks sometimes.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  14. Stars support
  15. Doing my one and only 700th game Charity.
  16. Not everything is rainbows and sunshine.
  17. Letting yourself be vulnerable can be very..
  18. 3 months down and a million more to go
  19. Twas the night before surgery, and all threw the..
  20. When some trash multie runs there mouth?
  21. Stars support
  22. Halo, cause babe your mine.
  23. Thinking of doing my one and only Charity game?..
  24. when someone lets you in and it changes you?
  25. No title
  26. Stars support
  27. Ella, my love.
  28. A big shout out to all my friends.
  29. When everyone is on tg Bashing another and I'm
  30. Stars support
  31. About as straight at a motherfucking circle...
  32. Lets make amends.
  33. My Princess.
  34. Someone in shops post a back ground please?
  35. Tomorrow is 2 months for us.
  36. Missing my Girlfriend.
  37. SO its been 50 Days and were still going strong.
  38. Am I the only one?
  39. And again I find out the hard way that there are..
  40. Sorry Gabs, My fault you did shit in your comp.

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So who knew being with a woman was so much different. Jan 29, 2019
imageIts not just the bedroom stuff but its everything. Katie is sweet and supportive and loveable and makes me feel beautiful. She makes me smile all the time. I blush. Its great. So yeah.

This is her and I. I love this girl. Its been 25 years in the making. We lost touch of each other for that long. I always kept track of her. Always knew where she was. When her and her long time girlfriend broke up, I contacted her. August was a month of greats for me. We have been in contact sense then. The same day I had my surgery for weight loss in ny, she had a biopsy on her kidney in Cali. She came over a few days before new years and I could not look her in the face. I could barely hug her. I think I knew. Then when she came over new years eve I held her hand (all with the persmission of Ella and my husband. I never broke the boundaries). I felt something but was not going to do anything about it. I had Ella. When Ella broke it off an hour after midnight I called Katie and she was there at eleven and I cried into her shoulder and she hugged me. Ella did me a favor. That weekend she spent friday with me and went back to her sisters. Then saturday she spent the night and we cuddled and I knew.

So I broke it off with my husband on sunday and on that friday we had our first kiss. I will always remember it. January came in like a lion and has not stopped yet.
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So, Have not been on much, and her name is Katie. Jan 15, 2019
I am just super busy. I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Katie and what can I say. I'm happy. Have been spending weekends with her at my house and Yeah. I kissed and girl and I liked it. No cherry chapstick though. She prefers mint. Anyways, wishing you all well. Just no time for this site much. Working on my books on wattpad. Check them out. Her two marines and Rena.
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To anyone with Bipolar Dec 29, 2018
imageToday is a day when I wish there were a cure for it. Today it has me in its ugly little claws and I am not me. Tomorrow I will fight it again, but today I do not have the strength.

You are not alone.
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Getting a birthday blog together Dec 28, 2018
anyone who was friends with Gabriella and want to be part of her birthday blog please message me with what you want to be put in it for you by January 2nd. shadowman
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Merry Christmas To all and to all a good night. Dec 24, 2018
Logged back on to say Merry Christmas to all my friends and fellow gamers. I hope your holiday or day in general is Magical and filled with lots of love and great company.

Just a reminder that its not about whats under the tree but who is around it. I wish I could have all my friends around mine. Sharing in laughter and hugs and great food.
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I am leaving. Dec 10, 2018
imageWell for the most part. I will no longer be in games. I will no longer blog unless its a positive blog. I wont be on to just check in. This site no longer holds the same meaning it once did.

I am missing it already but I am choosing something far more important to me. I have let this site turn me into someone I am not. I am sick of the drama and apparently I have caused someone I love problems and have made this site not so much fun for them.

I am not proud of it. I see a flaw with in myself and am going to fix it because that's that I do.

A quote that hit home for me. This one single message summed up everything " It's like you're so tired of being bullied and hated on that you are becoming it yourself"

That's exactly what happened. I have been bullied my whole entire life and one day I came out and was like fuck this. I refuse to allow it and I turned into someone that was the one with the stick. I'm not proud of that. So I'm going to change it.
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