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  1. When a t-ger hits the nail on the head and you..
  2. June 10th Albany Ny Pride. Going to be there. Soo..
  3. Stars support
  4. Stars Support going to BrainJak and Vlad21
  5. Icarus_Mark, Happy Birthday!!!
  6. 13 facts about myself.
  7. Thank you @lazeric for my background. i love the..
  8. So I want to gift a friend but there is nothing in..
  9. New tattoo. I love it. Excited.
  10. Gotta love fake news. Not 18 shootings in 2018.
  11. Walking Dead tomorrow. Omg. Omg.
  12. Pyn for an Honest oppinion of you. Be Careful of..
  13. Public Service Announcement
  14. Panic attacks suck
  15. there have no been 18 school shootings in 2018
  16. Anyone with a mental illness beware.
  17. Love this song
  18. Happy Birthday Joe!!!!
  19. I have an Idea. People mind there own effing..
  20. Happy Valentines day!
  21. this song is just something
  22. Pulling myself out of the hole im in
  23. When you want to message that one person but wont
  24. Am I the only one who thinks CBB sucks?
  25. Bored
  26. Ask me lots of questions and ill tell you no lies
  27. Can't have it both ways.
  28. Bored? on Skype? Come join us
  29. Stars support. bluejay7622 aka Wes,
  30. Stars Tributes
  31. Save TJ2807 is stars
  32. A big thank you for the support in stars!!! Save..
  33. Anyone wanna go on skype call?
  34. Save me for fith is stars Please?
  35. Choices
  36. Prologue done
  37. Happy Birthday Mar aka 2388
  38. Ty you all for your kind words and Stars suppor.
  39. Imagine dragons are the bomb.
  40. This song is so rellevent to this site lol

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When a t-ger hits the nail on the head and you cant help but laugh May 25, 2018
firewolf your blog is funny and so on point. My only problem im still going to be on here cause  i have no life.
Points: 16 1 comments
June 10th Albany Ny Pride. Going to be there. Soo excited. May 23, 2018
imageIf anyone is going to be in the area let me know. Pride is going to be the best.
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Stars support May 19, 2018
JesseM gentlemanG BenP428
Points: 30 2 comments
Stars Support going to BrainJak and Vlad21 May 12, 2018
imageJust wanted to say good luck to BrainJak and Vlad21

You can do it. Kick ass and take names
Points: 26 2 comments
Icarus_Mark, Happy Birthday!!! Apr 29, 2018
imageYour may be one year older but your still sexy as hell. Love you tons my pal. Happy Birthday. Hugs. Your the best. Your always make me smile, and understand when im being a twitch or annoying. Thanks for being my pal.
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13 facts about myself. Apr 4, 2018
image1. I'm 34 be 35 june 30th
2. I was accepted into the Culinary institute of america in Hyde Park ny. So I can cook. Well.
3. I want to spend a few weeks hiking the Appalachian Trail.
4. I'm all about protecting myself and what mine. Ask me about my knives. tehe
5. I love animals. I have raised funds for a cat rescue.
6. My life goal is to open a diner.
7. Sunday is walking dead day when its on.
8. I have a son. Mathew is 10 almost 11. Not sure I want another. Leaving it to God.
9. I am a former beauty queen. Won a title in 1999.
10. I am not straight. I'm Married but think some chicks are attractive.
11. I believe in polyamory. Although I am a monogamous relationship.
12. I have two tats. Dave on my upper left arm and smile more in rainbow colors accross my right wrist. Ask me why.
13. I have a Bipolar. Ptsd and Anxiety-
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