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  1. Join the game. Its boring .
  2. Happy international Lesbian Day!!!!
  3. Fuck off fake Akeria or not.
  4. Want to know what my manic is like?
  5. WTF? I'm not about to ...... BUT
  6. so check out this..
  7. Dont Forget.....
  8. When an ex is desperate......
  9. weigh loss, yay.
  10. Stars support, sorry im late.
  11. Just in case, Second book posted on wattpad
  12. Just to clear the issues,
  13. So who knew being with a woman was so much..
  14. So, Have not been on much, and her name is Katie.
  15. To anyone with Bipolar
  16. Getting a birthday blog together
  17. Merry Christmas To all and to all a good night.
  18. I am leaving.
  19. No title
  20. No title
  21. So I have been gone for two days, let the drama..
  22. Being an adult sucks sometimes.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  24. Stars support
  25. Doing my one and only 700th game Charity.
  26. Letting yourself be vulnerable can be very..
  27. Stars support
  28. Thinking of doing my one and only Charity game?..
  29. No title
  30. Stars support
  31. A big shout out to all my friends.
  32. Stars support
  33. Lets make amends.
  34. Missing my Girlfriend.
  35. Am I the only one?
  36. Sorry Gabs, My fault you did shit in your comp.
  37. I support Bry in stars.
  38. Tengaged statistics. Have you ever been a bully on..
  39. Tengaged statistics. Have you ever been bullied..
  40. Tengaged statistics. poll results nudes

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Join the game. Its boring . Jan 13, 2020

besides this douchebag is a Homophobic multie prick.
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Happy international Lesbian Day!!!! Oct 8, 2019
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Fuck off fake Akeria or not. Oct 8, 2019
So i know i am not the only  one who got something assnine from akeria but for me it was a kick in the balls. The threat to kill my mom? Well news bitch my mom is dying of cancer and so  is my dad. So make some real threats that aren't inevitable.
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Want to know what my manic is like? Aug 26, 2019
Imagine a 3 year old toddler with torretts and the mouth of a trucker and no give a damn. Its rather fun for a bit.
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WTF? I'm not about to ...... BUT Aug 4, 2019
imageNo fucktard you are going to so either don't do it. or do it and be you. Either stand up for what you believe or shut the fuck up and go back to your basement.
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so check out this game.https://tengaged.com/game/194948 Jul 27, 2019
Mini is making a joke out of being trans and trashy Tara is egging him on. How sad.
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