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Stars Draft (Game)

6thDec 31, 2022 by girlinred

Comment below or mail me who you think will win this stars and who the final 5 will be. You'll earn points based on the placement these people actually get and whoever has the fewest points when the winner is revealed wins the game! Super low effort but fun :)

Use this format

Winner Pick: (who you think the winner will be)
Draft: (other 4 people in the final 5)

Tiebreaker system is order of your picks

UPDATE::: People CURRENTLY in this stars can mail me your draft picks and I will reveal them ONLY after each one has been evicted (You can still comment them if you don't mind it being public this is just a way for the cast to have private drafts if yall still wanna play)



Winner SemNome

other 5 Lifeiscool bbfanuk_reborn cheritaisdelicious Spacebryce
Sent by PenguinOwen126,Dec 31, 2022
Winner: KingB24
Draft: Cheritaisdelicious, Austinrules6969, Gaiaphagee, SpaceBryce
Sent by Speaker,Dec 31, 2022
Winner: King
Cherita Gaia  bbfan joe
Sent by sosyomomma,Dec 31, 2022
Winner - Dalvin
Bbfanukreborn Mackey Semnome Gaia
Sent by Veigar,Dec 31, 2022
Winner: gaiaphagee
Draft: cheritaisdelicious Dalvin Mackey lifeiscool
Sent by BBlover96,Dec 31, 2022
Winner: cheritaisdelicious
Other 4: SemNome, KingB24, Gaiaphagee, Dalvin
Sent by Cromatique,Dec 31, 2022
Winner SemNome
Other 4:  Lifeiscool mackey cheritaisdelicious Spacebryce
Sent by Gabbes,Dec 31, 2022
Winner: cheritaisdelicious
Other:  Gaiaphagee, kingb24, dalvin  Austin
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Jan 1, 2023
WINNER: semnome
Draft: cheritaisdelicious, spacebryce, joee323, gaiaphagee
Sent by Delano,Jan 1, 2023
Winner: austinrules6969
Draft: spacebryce, gaiaphaigee, Mackey, lifeiscool
Sent by Simpizzle,Jan 1, 2023
Winner: cheritaisdelicious
Draft: Dalvin Gaiaphagee AustinRules6969 SemNome KingB24
Sent by Tester,Jan 1, 2023
oh wait nvm I put one too many. remove dalvin
Sent by Tester,Jan 1, 2023
Winner: cher
Draft: gai, sem, joe, bbf
Sent by Gohandd,Jan 1, 2023
Nvm. Can I change?

Winner: joe
Draft: cher, gai, sem, bbf
Sent by Gohandd,Jan 1, 2023
Winner: Dalvin
Draft: cheritaisdelicious KingB24 semnome lifeiscool
Sent by charrison790564,Jan 1, 2023
Winner: BBfan
Draft: cherita, gai, Mackey and king
Sent by Vessas,Jan 1, 2023
Winner: cheritaisdelicious
Draft: Gaiaphagee, KingB24, Joee323, SemNome
Sent by NanoNerd,Jan 1, 2023
Winner: stolenseason
Draft: cheritaisdelicious gaiaphagee joee323 semnome
Sent by BamboozleLabradoodle,Jan 1, 2023
I’m gonna say
Winner: kingb24
Draft: cheritaisdelicious gaiaphagee nathandamnit @joe323
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Jan 1, 2023
Winner: SemNome
Draft: Cherita, Joee323, Gaiaphagee, bbfanuk_reborn
Sent by J2999,Jan 1, 2023
Sent by girlinred,Jan 1, 2023
omg RIP I only saw this now
Sent by Thiii,Jan 1, 2023

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