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With the first five evictions [BOOTLIST]

13thDec 13, 2022 by girlinred
Just a note - there were a few errors in I believe 3(?) of the bootlists that were sent in (someone repeated and someone missing, or drafting someone not on the cast), so I corrected them as best as I was able to, and in the future I'll look at the bootlists SOONER so yall can tell me exactly how you want it fixed.


u are amazing ♥
Sent by Delano,Dec 13, 2022
omg it was me with the wrong draft? it could be because I did so fast because I was running out of time to send it aaa
Sent by Thiii,Dec 13, 2022
Okay not a terrible start
Sent by coolKat,Dec 13, 2022
No I think yours was okay Thiii
Sent by girlinred,Dec 13, 2022
I can't see the image, can you put an external link so I can see it in a better resolution?
Sent by tokio,Dec 14, 2022
Wait I am first Delano I gitch u this time
Sent by Harehere,Dec 14, 2022

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