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Stars Draft Final Results (finally)

7thMay 3, 2023 by girlinred
LMAO I forgot I did this I'm sorry yalllll... next time I do this I'll actually update before the end 馃槶

IN 20TH PLACE with 67 points... Cullenhi
IN 19TH PLACE with 62 points... Mackey
IN 18TH PLACE with 45 points... Jewcub1024
IN 17TH PLACE with 44 points... Nick33
IN 16TH PLACE with 43 points... Bigjon21
IN 15TH PLACE with 43 points... bryce
IN 14TH PLACE with 41 points... Cromatique
IN 13TH PLACE with 40 points... jason_2_12
IN 12TH PLACE with 39 points... Harehere
IN 11TH PLACE with 39 points... cheritaisdelicious
IN 10TH PLACE with 37 points... Delano
IN 9TH PLACE with 36 points... Pavaneli
IN 8TH PLACE with 35 points... spinfur
IN 7TH PLACE with 35 points... Survivor8
IN 6TH PLACE with 34 points... temponeptune
IN 5TH PLACE with 33 points... Zeptis
IN 4TH PLACE with 30 points... Lucas_RFS
IN 3RD PLACE with 28 points... sosyomomma
IN 2ND PLACE with 21 points... FromAWindow

CONGRATULATIONS J2999 with 20 points you are the winner of this draft!!

Also grats to FromAWindow for successfully drafting 4 of the final 5 :)


IN 20TH PLACE with 67 points... Cullenhi
IN 19TH PLACE with 62 points... Mackey
Sent by cocacola12,May 3, 2023
So closeeee
Sent by Lucas_RFS,May 3, 2023
I flopped
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,May 3, 2023
Omg best I鈥檝e ever done!!!!! Thanks girlie :)
Sent by FromAWindow,May 3, 2023
Sent by J2999,May 3, 2023
Am i still hold the record for worst draft ever? girlinred
Sent by iCristian,May 4, 2023
iCristian lmao yeah I think you do!
Sent by girlinred,May 4, 2023

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