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Stars Bootlist Final Results

2ndDec 11, 2022 by girlinred
In 24TH PLACE with 94 points... DBonee
IN 23RD PLACE with 92 points... Jewcub1024
IN 22ND PLACE with 92 points... Harehere
IN 21ST PLACE with 90 points... Jameslu
IN 20TH PLACE with 88 points... SennaRichards
IN 19TH PLACE with 88 points... coolKat
IN 18TH PLACE with 86 points... Cromatique
IN 17TH PLACE with 86 points... Mackey
IN 16TH PLACE with 86 points... Torree
IN 15TH PLACE with 84 points... Veigar
IN 14TH PLACE with 84 points... Simpizzle
IN 13TH PLACE with 84 points... David2560
IN 12TH PLACE with 84 points... cheritaisdelicious
IN 11TH PLACE with 80 points... 3pi14159
IN 10TH PLACE with 78 points... Bowler23
IN 9TH PLACE with 78 points... Gohandd
IN 8TH PLACE with 76 points... Thiii
IN 7TH PLACE with 72 points... disneygeek
IN 6TH PLACE with 72 points... avenly
IN 5TH PLACE with 72 points... UsernameThatWasFree
IN 4TH PLACE with 70 points... sosyomomma
IN 3RD PLACE with 68 points... Happy202
IN 2ND PLACE with 64 points... danio

CONGRATULATIONS Delano with 54 points you are the winner of the first ever stars bootlist! Let me know when you see something you want in shops :)
Tiebreakers were done by MOST correct placements and then highest placing correct placements, for anyone wondering.


Sent by coolKat,Dec 11, 2022
Sent by Delano,Dec 11, 2022
yesss delano
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,Dec 11, 2022
ok but Delano DEVOURED this
Sent by Thiii,Dec 11, 2022
congrats Delano!!!! Also omg if I had swapped Lucas and Tokio in my picks, I would have done so well lmao
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 11, 2022
omg thank u guys!

thii, bigbrotherdonny cheritaisdelicious
Sent by Delano,Dec 11, 2022
Lmao at least I guessed two right
Sent by David2560,Dec 12, 2022
IN 2ND PLACE with 64 points... danio
:'((( 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Congratss sm Delano Ilyyy
Sent by danio,Dec 12, 2022
Top 10!
Sent by Bowler23,Dec 12, 2022

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