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Survivor: Mt. Everest - Ashanti vs. Ken [CAST REVEALED]

Mar 13, 2021 by bigben1996
These tribes were hand-selected by KingGeek & konohavillage1  I'll be making a Skype group momentarily for the LIVE reveal if anyone wants to join.  You can message me over Tengaged or Skype.

Ashanti's Angels *Orange Buffs*

Absol ( Absol)
Andrea ( IceIceBaby)
Clair ( haycsclair)
Kasey ( Kaseyhope101)
Kat ( hellocat)
Kiara ( Kiara_xoxo)
LeQuisha ( LusciousLips5)
Natasha ( Blondelle)
Sagar ( obscurity)
Tina ( purplebb4)

Ken's Kings *Purple Buffs*

Catherine ( bunnycat)
Dino ( Dinosauro27)
Dylan ( DBWs)
Erik ( YoundAndReckless)
Hufus ( Hufus)
Lexie ( deathlyavocado)
Nathan ( nmh95)
Patrick ( Patrick319)
Sydney ( Guigi)
Will ( SurvivorFan37)

The format is Millenials vs. Gen X (apologies for not updating the images as my computer is a being annoying).


Sagar and the girls vs. a mess LMAO

why are Lexie and I carrying our tribe?
Sent by Guigi,Mar 13, 2021
Oh I love being Ashanti鈥檚 Angels
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Mar 13, 2021
oh wow
Sent by Absol,Mar 13, 2021
mm pretty sure Guigi isn鈥檛 carrying anything
Sent by bunnycat,Mar 13, 2021
bunnycat you're a legend
Sent by bigben1996,Mar 13, 2021
As expected, my team won.
Sent by konohavillage1,Mar 13, 2021
next time tag me bitch bunnycat
Sent by Guigi,Mar 14, 2021
To be on Ashanti's team is a honour <3
Sent by hellocat,Mar 14, 2021

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