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Bad Opinion Apr 11, 2021
The Boruto anime has improved in recent months Saftronbtr999
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BBCAN9 - Update Apr 10, 2021
Jedson wins HoH and noms Tera and Tina.

I'm assuming the intention is for Tera to leave based on the nomset.  However, Keifer is the replacement right?  I'd make a lot of sense for the trio to eliminate Keifer the only other person who's been winning comps outside of them.
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BBCAN9 - Eviction Question Apr 8, 2021
Who is leaving between Terra and Victoria?

I feel the vote could still easily flip before the eviction.  However, I think it's likely still going to be Victoria.  She kind of screwed herself last week :x
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It鈥檚 been nearly a year since... Apr 2, 2021
9th: Sydney ( Guigi) [Luceres/Palatina/Kairos] (5-4) *5th Member of the Jury*

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Why not Mar 23, 2021

Since SurvivorFan37 is doing it
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BBCAN9 - Lowkey Opinion Mar 22, 2021
These noms kinda suck...
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