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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Mar 10, 2021 by bigben1996
I kinda want to do another one of these since I鈥檝e been pretty inactive on here.  However, I鈥檒l state my best experience with each of you whether it was in a group game or something else. 

Maxi1234 - I think that one time we played a frooks with Jayson and Zach (not saying I didn't enjoy you in Shawn's).  However, I remember grabbing dinner and costing all of us the game by voting opposite of you guys for one round.  It was pretty meme-worthy.

BengalBoy - I don't remember us having an experience together :(  However, I commend you as old school tengaged and your blogs are part of the reason that I hop online once in a while.

christossss - Definitely Gaiaphagee's game!  I thought you brought great energy to the game and you were pretty swell-talking too (despite your short merge run).  Overall, I like how we share a Florida school bond and hope Gaia casts you for second chances as you left with an idol in your pocket.

iiCreazyGX - I feel like I hosted you.  However, I don't really know ya.

Kaylabby - Unfortunately, I don't remember if we've played together or not.  However, I remember you being a stars player or something so hope you're on WAW or something XD

hellocat - You're amazing!  However, I think your bransteele runs beat your run in Survivor: Israel though I'm always a fan of yours.  Thank you for being one of five active members in the VL.

Lemjam6 - I would say M&N's but that's probably a bad answer.  I'm more inclined to say that one time you helped me get through my first hunger games where I just sheeped you the entire time.

jman96 - We've had a shakey group game history.  However, I always view you as someone that I can trust and arguably one of the nicest people on the site.  I wish more individuals would be like you.

Chastain - I'll let you decide between your shrieking in Among Us or Eritrea.  Take your pick.

lhooper902976 - I think SuitMan's Barbados was likely the most we've ever spoken in a game.  You're a good ally but I think people look down at you as a player for not being the biggest name in the room.  Always swell to be around.

Spark_ - Always Imposter Duo.  We're savages.

DBWs - When you tried to kill me in WPF despite being a loyal soul.  Also, killing you in Among Us with Lexie is always a good time.

Electric - Whenever I doubted you in Azores and proved my expectations wrong.

jmain14 -  When you, Doni, and Cameron formed the three amigos in Rome.  Unfortunately, you were a victim.


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