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BigBen Season Rankings (Part IX)

Oct 2, 2022 by bigben1996
10. Survivor England - Second Chances (S13)
Survivor England - Second Chances will arguably be one of the most impactful seasons in series history.  I believe this is the only returnee season where a hidden immunity idol wasn't played and with such a heavy-hitting cast it was shocking.  I can still recall the rock draw at the Final 10 where Christian (@Christian_) and Natasha ( Blondelle) had hidden immunity idols in their pocket but decided to go willingly to rocks (rip Christian).  Brandon ( brandonrichie) and Qaz ( Qazwdxedc) ran a majority of the season (yet again) but not without a few bumps in the road.  Overall, this is one of the few casts where I can safely say everyone that returned was very deserving of a second chance and had their own little story arc.  In the end, it was Tico ( ticofernandez) who was the underdog in Palau turned villain who sweeps the jury votes against Dan (#TheDirtyBrock) and Shadi ( Chastain).  The final three also consisted of one member from each original tribe so that was also cool along with Ivy ( _ivyyy_445) and Natasha (Blondelle) becoming co-fan favorites by the OG Viewer's Lounge.

9. Survivor Tuvalu - Heroes vs. Villains (S23)
I think every host should love a good HvV season.  It allows players to really embrace their archetype without having to worry about the potential stereotypes that come with them as a player.  When I read back on this season the word that will continually be brought back to mind is the word "Brovivor" after the alliance of Christian (@Christian_), Newz ( OldNewz), Scott ( byp123) really sort of dominated the game once the numbers wore down (and maybe I'm not recalling the game right).  However, I do remember some of the key moments of the end game where Dylan ( DBWs) idoled out and split up the duo of Christian and Ivy with his allies.  LeQuisha ( LusciousLips5) made a relatively big mistake not voting with Dylan and Jimbo ( sahmosean) against the "Brovivor" alliance to force rocks as they were a very apparent final three.  In actuality, all the entertainers were knocked out early like Watermelondrea ( TheEclipse) and Ken ( konohavillage1) allowing the opposing alliance to prosper.  I can't recall the premerge too well but I think if I were to do anything it would not be having four tribes and just allowing HvV to play out as normal because the cast was already stacked (waits for Newz to complain).  Scott's speech also warmed the hearts of the viewer's and rip Jimbo putting up a good fight and was one challenge away from probably winning.

8. Survivor Laos (S43)
Survivor Laos is one of the few seasons where the game never stopped moving.  From Sagar ( obscurity) drawing the Purple Rock in the first episode to Chandler ( Chandelier) eventually winning the game, it was a non-stop roller coaster.  It was also one of those few seasons where your winner picks changed from episode to episode.  There were also so many great newcomers to the series like Chandler, Niko ( nhulse19), Ellie ( Idols), and Mike ( ForceMike1) who all turned out to be impactful players.  The twist this season also featured an "Outcast" based tribe which I didn't think would matter much but it turns out it had a huge role in the story arc (particularly for James ( jamessmith5).  The season also really captured some egotistical moments as well where Daniel ( DanielzSnooz) thought it was impossible Ryan (#Iceey) didn't have an idol despite his alliance members telling him which led to him leaving (5(0)-1).  Overall, it's one of my favorite newbie season's and doesn't have really a dull moment but there are just a couple season's that I personally just rank higher in my book.

7. Survivor Rome - Old School vs. New School (S41)
The series that once was predicted as dead... becomes revived due to COVID times.  I just really enjoy this season as the "Old School" tribe really got so much screen time (primarily the "Black Widow Brigade).  One major highlight was from Natasha ( Blondelle) being rocked out in the premerge to reentering the game and becoming the eventual winner in a 5-4-1 vote.  Dono (@donosarus_rex) and Cameron ( DrPepsi) somehow become the minority duo that makes it very far in the game after being on the ropes from the jump.  Old School was definitely the tribe to watch.  The "New School" side of things wasn't as entertaining but players like Jimmy ( BBlover95) really was a strategic force of nature along with Michele ( MichelleFitzgerald) and James (J2999) was a physical beast a majority of the way.  We can also reflect upon the three stooges of Tina (purplebb4), Hufus (Hufus), and Silver (Silver09).  I think this season remains high in my books due to the necessity of some entertainment in our lives and just being overall a really great season where did it actually feel Old School vs. New School was a thing.

6. Survivor Philippines - All Stars III (S46)
Call it recency bias, but the third-generation All-Stars III is my favorite of the All-Star seasons.  This season comes right after the historic CBS All-Winners season which consisted of fire tokens and numerous advantages.  Naturally, I decided to adapt this concept to this season, and man it was awesome!  I believe nearly every advantage was used correctly and there was so much negotiating for people to give up their tokens so they can snag advantages before other individuals in opposing alliances.  I don't think there was a true miss on this cast but I can go briefly into how Jimmy (BB5lover) managed to avoid so much adversity early on and become a powerhouse, James (J2999) played a strong game and we had our duos of Hufus (Hufus) & Chandler (Chandelier) and Kellen ( Kennel123) and Tyler ( jungleman111) who made memorable impacts.  The list can really go on but everything was super exciting and while the OGs might be upset if you read back on the season there wasn't a true Ruben Colon on the cast.

Current Rankings
6. Survivor: Philippines - All Stars III (S46)
7. Survivor: Rome - Old School vs. New School (S41)
8. Survivor: Laos (S43)
9. Survivor: Tuvalu - Heroes vs. Villains (S23)
10. Survivor: England - Second Chances (S13)
11. Survivor: Philippines - All-Stars I (S6)
12. Survivor: Japan (S45)
13. Survivor: Nepal (S3)
14. Survivor: Iran - Favorites vs. Failures (S18)
15. Survivor: Barbados - Battle of Generations (S9)
16. Survivor: Saint Lucia - Blood vs. Water (S11)
17. Survivor: India (S5)
18. Survivor: Bali - Hosts vs. Almosts (S20)
19. Survivor: Indonesia - Exile Island (S14)
20. Survivor: Estonia - Unfinished Business (S37)
21. Survivor: Philippines - All-Stars II (S31)
22. Survivor: Mozambique (S24)
23. Survivor: Norway (S48)
24. Survivor: Jamaica (S26)
25. Survivor Singapore - All Winners (S40)
26. Survivor: Vanuatu - Viewer's Choice (S32)
27. Survivor: Hawaii (S1)
28. Survivor: Iceland (S2)
29: Survivor: Mongolia (S28)
30. Survivor: Greece (S21)
31. Survivor: Madagascar - Fans vs. Failures (S36)
32. Survivor: The Canadian Wilderness (S17)
33. Survivor: Paraguay (S27)
34: Survivor: Nigeria (S22)
35. Survivor: Thailand (S10)
36. Survivor: Cyprus - Dynamic Duos (S47)
37. Survivor: Suriname (S44)
38. Survivor: Azores (S42)
39. Survivor: Kadavu (S49)
40. Survivor: Sri Lanka (S12)
41. Survivor: Myanmar (S7)
42. Survivor: Palau (S8)
43. Survivor: Nicaragua (S29)
44. Survivor: Peru (S16)
45. Survivor: Jordan (S4)
46. Survivor: Israel (S38)
47. Survivor: Comoros (S25)
48. Survivor: South Africa (S30)
49. Survivor: Vietnam (S35)

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@Christian_ Happy202 keefe tokio Spark_ lhooper902976 Saginator18 Gaiaphagee
Sent by bigben1996,Oct 2, 2022
Wasn't I in one of these seasons, I feel like I was when I had just joined Tengaged!
Sent by hellocat,Oct 2, 2022
why am i just now realizing ALL 3 all stars are in Philippines
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Oct 2, 2022
HvV was fun, idk how I made it as far as I did without having like a single ally other than Jimbo all season. I tried so hard to ally with Christian and he rejected me every single time :(. Honestly thought Rome would be even higher, but damn all these seasons sound strong af.
Sent by DBWs,Oct 2, 2022
LMAO my worst placing season being the highest ranked

I鈥檓 chart poison
Sent by konohavillage1,Oct 3, 2022
Lucky Winner #7? I'll take it!
Sent by Blondelle,Jan 26, 2023

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