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Survivor is great for debates

Dec 23, 2014 by aiwfwyattroh
In light of all this debate of who is the best...

Take a listen to a new survivor podcast featuring players for tengaged. This episode was a roundtable on top 10 players of all time.

Hosted by wangifold with _jb_ nathan132 oldnewz andthentherewasone and myself also providing out opinions. Here's the link for anybody interested

#survivor #podcast #rhap #casting #rookies #stars


i'm not listening to this but what was the consensus
Sent by obscurity,Dec 23, 2014
aiwfwyattroh Im sorry thats to long for me to suffer through espically as i hate Rhys, can only stand you and fowler in small doses, and Ryan's opninons are sub par if not god awful from previous talks with him.
Sent by manalord,Dec 23, 2014
manalord well I glad you don't completely hate me!
Sent by aiwfwyattroh,Dec 23, 2014
aiwfwyattroh sorry still bitter of Moral vs Merciless loljk
Sent by manalord,Dec 23, 2014

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